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Open bank vault

Tapping into open banking’s monetisation potential

November 23, 2022

Open banking technology shows great promise but is being underutilised, especially when it comes to sharing data within banks themselves. 

Digital globe connections

MAS and NY Fed join forces for wholesale CBDC experiment

November 21, 2022

Boosting interoperability and speed while cutting risk, wholesale CBDCs would be a boon for cross-border settlements but are still very much in the experimental phase, making co-operation between central banks vital for success.


The global trend of digital currency experimentation

November 15, 2022

Central bank digital currencies are still a way off the mainstream, but progress is being made in both developed and emerging economies.

OCC plaque

Cautious welcome for US regulator’s new fintech office

November 7, 2022

The OCC has announced a new fintech office in response to rising financial digitalisation, creating a fork in the road that leads either to rigid regulation or innovation inspiration.

Digital euro note

EU-wide instant payments proposal welcomed despite security challenges

November 4, 2022

The European Commission has suggested a new regulation requiring banks and payment services providers to offer instant payments across the EU.


Fintechs work hard, play hard in regulatory sandboxes

November 2, 2022

These oases of regulatory safety are being leveraged by fintechs and challenger banks to trial groundbreaking technologies, and incumbents should join them.

Sprinters hands

Competition fierce in digital race between challengers and incumbents

October 26, 2022

If challenger and traditional banks are in a race to victory, they’re pretty much neck and neck, according to industry specialists.

Money hourglass

Europe’s SMEs join Atlantic flight to real-time payments

October 25, 2022

Real-time payments look set to take off in the small and medium-sized enterprise market in 2023, according to recent reports in Europe and the US.

AI brain

Banks ahead of the curve with machine learning

October 19, 2022

Research has proven that banks are taking advantage of machine learning at the highest rate of all industries. What new doors does this open?

Car in the lead

Neobank market grows against complacency of traditional banks

October 12, 2022

With challenger banks experiencing strong customer growth, can incumbents keep up in the new age of banking?

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