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Card padlock

Pressure up for payments platforms’ anti-fraud systems

October 7, 2022

Financial swindling is increasing at a global level, with certain country exceptions, though new machine-learning technologies are proving key in the fight against fraud.


Incubator focuses on minority-owned start-ups

October 5, 2022

A new group of start-ups, fintechs included, have been selected for the Libra 2.0 programme, but rumours that the next UK government grant could go to a high street bank are troubling its participants.

Australian dollars

Australia to benefit from real-time payments

September 29, 2022

Consumers now have access to real-time payments through the PayTo system, with business access to follow, generating a host of advantages.

Mobile banking

Consumers demand more from banks in a digital world

September 28, 2022

The preference for a digital-first approach is becoming increasingly widespread among bank customers. Can traditional banks keep up with fintechs?

Airplane landing

Is this the end of Hong Kong’s fintech talent exodus?

September 21, 2022

In recent times the talented have made their exit among swathes of other Hong Kongers, but signs of a reversal are solidifying.

Numberless cards

Numberless payment cards prove a mixed bag

September 12, 2022

Banks worldwide are increasingly launching cards without numbers. Do they offer enhanced security, or are they just a fad?

Cybersecurity padlock

Data security underinvestment leaves financial institutions in peril

September 5, 2022

As financial services firms find themselves one of the chief targets for cyber attacks, renewed efforts in training and investment are necessary. 

Metaverse city skyline

Flurry of metaverse activity draws banks’ focus globally

August 31, 2022

Banks across the world are looking for opportunity in the metaverse, as hype builds around the new technology.

Clouds London

Banks head into the cloud

August 22, 2022

Migration to the cloud could be a huge cost-saver for banks, as well as allowing a stronger focus on customers.

Sustainability Wind Turbines

Point Carbon Zero: playing safe while trying to save the world

August 12, 2022

Sustainability is becoming a fintech mainstay, with initiatives launching across the globe.

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