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Still on top: Mitsubishi UFJ is Japan's biggest bank by some distance

Poor conditions stymie Japanese momentum

December 8, 2010

Japanese banks have put themselves on a more solid footing, shown in particular by the performance of Mitsubishi UFJ, but the sluggish economy means their achievements have yet to reach spectacular levels. Writer Brian Caplen

Top 500

Top 500 Islamic Financial Institutions

November 24, 2010

The sharp fall in Gulf property markets has dampened confidence in a market that many expected to be relatively immune to the global financial crisis. But sharia-compliant assets are still growing, and perhaps tougher times will encourage a more sophisticated industry.

Engagement key to Italian fortunes

September 29, 2010

Italy came through the financial crisis in better shape than many of its peers for various reasons, says Intesa Sanpaolo chief executive Corrado Passera, who shares his thoughts on why Italian banks got it right and how his institution's reaction during the dip has set it up for growth. Writer Brian Caplen

Central Bank of Nigeria on crisis and reform

September 29, 2010

Lamido Sanusi, governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, speaks to The Banker's editor, Brian Caplen, and editor emeritus, Stephen Timewell, about the country's crises, reforms and the development of its economy.


EU's slow but steady road to recovery

August 30, 2010

Buoyed by the recent stress test results, Europe's banks are maintaining the effort to deleverage, but are hampered by slow growth and volatile capital markets. Writer Brian Caplen

cp/91/GET-China plain.jpg

Is China heading for a home-grown crisis?

May 28, 2010

As the global crisis weakened other major economies, China's huge lending spree sent its growth soaring, but it must hope that in having made credit so loosely available it has not inadvertently planted the seeds of a future home-grown crisis. Writer Brian Caplen

Bankers at odds over Cambodia's financial crisis

March 31, 2010

Cambodia's government-engineered slowdown after five years of unsustainable economic growth could not have been implemented at a worse time, coming as it did just before the global financial crisis. Consequently the crisis has hit Cambodia's banks hard, though just how hard is a matter of some debate between the IMF and the country's senior bankers. Writer Brian Caplen


Turbulent times no barrier to change

March 31, 2010

Ongoing financial reform will not be held back by Thailand's political troubles, say Thailand's bankers. Neither portfolio nor direct investment inflows have been impacted, and the country's government is pressing on with two masterplans for the financial sector and capital markets. Writer Brian Caplen

Alessandro Profumo

March 3, 2010

UniCredit, the Italian bank with a significant presence in Europe, is back on track following a €4bn rights issue to fund loan demand in eastern Europe. Its chief executive explains how the company's diversified business model is now giving it an advantage over its competitors. Writer Brian Caplen


Taking stock post-crisis

March 3, 2010

Keynote speaker: French president Nicolas Sarkozy talked of the 'crisis of globalisation' at Davos

While debt and regulation loomed over this year's World Economic Forum, global representatives from the banking sector were also encouraged by the emerging shape of the post-crisis world. Writer Brian Caplen

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