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Western Europe's state of inertia

June 30, 2013

Little has changed among the leading western European banks over the course of the past year, despite the best efforts of the region's authorities.

Asia-Pacific dominates global stage

June 30, 2013

The Asia-Pacific region retains its global dominance, with the most banks in the Top 1000 and the biggest share of Tier 1 capital.

US banks top banking brands ranking 2013

February 12, 2013

The brand value of US banks has reached a new high, with four of the top five banks in The Banker's Top 500 Banking Brands ranking domiciled in the country.

Anders Borg

Europe issues hang heavy over Sweden's finance minister

February 1, 2013

It may not be part of the struggling eurozone but Sweden is suffering its very own Europe-related problems. Its finance minister, Anders Borg, tells The Banker why he does not want the UK to leave the EU, what difficulties could be posed by the formation of a banking union and where the responsibility for bailing out banks should lie.

The Top 500 Banking Brands 2013

The Top 500 Banking Brands 2013

February 1, 2013

The brand value of US banks has reached a new high, while emerging economies such as Brazil and China also stand out in this year’s Top 500 Banking Brands ranking. 

TEASER-Luc Frieden

Luxembourg finance minister: Europe’s need for integration

January 2, 2013

Luxembourg’s finance minister, Luc Frieden, talks to Brian Caplen about solving Greece’s financial problems, the prospects for a European banking union and the need to find a balance in financial regulation. 

TEASER-Emilio Botín

Emilio Botín: the secret of Santander's success

January 2, 2013

Emilio Botín, the chairman of Banco Santander, explains how the bank's geographical diversification and philosophy of operating standalone subsidiaries has helped it thrive during the worst years of the crisis, and stand it in good stead for the future.

Germanys template for reform in Europe

Germany's template for reform in Europe

January 2, 2013

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder thinks that the rest of Europe needs to follow the reform programme he pioneered for Germany. This, coupled with the establishment of a true political union, will help Europe's damaged economy to recover and rebuild itself.

Austrian banks bear the brunt of governments strict measures

Austrian banks bear the brunt of government's strict measures

September 3, 2012

Austria's government, driven an agenda to ensure that tax-payers do not pay for the financial crisis, which has seen it implement strict measures to fast-track compliance with Basel III rules, appears to show no sign of relenting in its dealings with the country's embattled banks.

Banking must be a risky business

July 24, 2012

Regulators are keen to make the banking sector more stable and reliable, but by eliminating risk they are stripping banks of their most useful function.

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