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TEASER-Luc Frieden

Luxembourg finance minister: Europe’s need for integration

January 2, 2013

Luxembourg’s finance minister, Luc Frieden, talks to Brian Caplen about solving Greece’s financial problems, the prospects for a European banking union and the need to find a balance in financial regulation. 

TEASER-Emilio Botín

Emilio Botín: the secret of Santander's success

January 2, 2013

Emilio Botín, the chairman of Banco Santander, explains how the bank's geographical diversification and philosophy of operating standalone subsidiaries has helped it thrive during the worst years of the crisis, and stand it in good stead for the future.

Germanys template for reform in Europe

Germany's template for reform in Europe

January 2, 2013

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder thinks that the rest of Europe needs to follow the reform programme he pioneered for Germany. This, coupled with the establishment of a true political union, will help Europe's damaged economy to recover and rebuild itself.

Austrian banks bear the brunt of governments strict measures

Austrian banks bear the brunt of government's strict measures

September 3, 2012

Austria's government, driven an agenda to ensure that tax-payers do not pay for the financial crisis, which has seen it implement strict measures to fast-track compliance with Basel III rules, appears to show no sign of relenting in its dealings with the country's embattled banks.

Banking must be a risky business

July 24, 2012

Regulators are keen to make the banking sector more stable and reliable, but by eliminating risk they are stripping banks of their most useful function.

Mixed returns for Europe's savings banks

July 10, 2012

While Spanish savings banks have recorded negative returns, the same sector in both Germany and Italy is not only showing positive return on assets but also better performance than the rest of the industry.

Denmarks banks hope for slower pace to change

Denmark's banks hope for slower pace to change

July 2, 2012

The Danish banking sector is adapting to new requirements that mean it must hold more capital and conform to yet more rules. While few in the industry doubt that the system must be more robust, concerns are increasingly being voiced that the country’s banks are having to adjust to more stringent regulations than their EU counterparts, and at a faster pace. 

RBS pays price for substandard IT system

July 2, 2012

Royal Bank of Scotland's IT systems failure offers a stark reminder to lenders struggling to keep up in the internet age.

Western European woes continue

July 2, 2012

The eurozone crisis has made its presence felt with regards to western European banks' performances in the Top 1000 ranking, with their share of overall profits down from 46% in 2007 to just 6.3% this year.

US banks continue to dominate North American ranking

July 2, 2012

While the charge of the Chinese banks grabs the headlines, the big names from the US still lead The Banker's Top 1000 ranking as well as dominating the North American list.

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