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Progress slow on modernisation

April 3, 2006

Until there is clarity over home country rule, Slovenian privatisation will be held up. Brian Caplen reports.

Bajuk’s balancing act

April 3, 2006

Slovenia’s finance minister Andrej Bajuk won The Banker’s award as best finance minister in Europe 2006. Here he explains to Brian Caplen how the Slovenian economy works.

Sustainable growth is key

March 6, 2006

Thailand’s central bank governor Pridiyathorn Devakula is The Banker’s central bank governor of the year in Asia for 2006. Here he talks to Brian Caplen about the challenges facing his country.

Eyes on the future

March 6, 2006

Thailand is reinforcing its recovery from crisis with an overhaul of its capital markets and a programme of liberalisation. Brian Caplen explains.

The happy octogenarian

March 6, 2006

The Banker celebrated its 80th anniversary (1926-2006) at the Drapers Hall in London with a cake-cutting ceremony attended by (from left) Brian Caplen, editor; Stephen Timewell, editor-in-chief; and Michael Kirkwood, master of the Guild of International Bankers and managing director UK, Citigroup. The 80th anniversary celebrations included a keynote speech by Sir Peter Middleton, president of the British Bankers Association and senior warden of the Guild of International Bankers, which examined key events in UK financial history, and a seminar that included both an economics panel and a banking panel.

Bumpy ride for flat tax

January 2, 2006

Flat tax is unpalatable to governments of established economies but its adoption by emerging countries could spark a rethink.

Saving up for a rainy day

December 5, 2005

Henrique de Campos Meirelles, governor of Brazil’s central bank, has made the rebuilding of foreign currency reserves a priority. Interview by Brian Caplen.
Q Brazil is more stable than it has ever been before. How has this been achieved?
A Brazil is engaged in a very serious economic stabilisation programme involving an inflation-targeting monetary regime and a free-floating exchange rate.

An unusual lack of volatility

December 5, 2005

Brazil’s banks are grappling with the new challenges of operating in a stable climate. Brian Caplen reports.

Michael Klein

November 7, 2005

Michael Klein, CEO of global banking at Citigroup, tells Brian Caplen that gaining corporate client trust requires the bank’s senior advisers to position themselves as peers of the CEOs and boards with which they deal.

Shining light on bank profits

October 3, 2005

Banks’ secrecy over how they achieve their results is far from ideal for investors. Brian Caplen asks whether it is time these institutions stopped being so protective over their methods.

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