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March 5, 2007

Citigroup president and CEO Chuck Prince could enter the history books if he succeeds in the radical restructure he is planning for the world’s largest bank. Brian Caplen reports.

Upheavals whet big banks’ appetites

September 4, 2006

Banking consolidation, international investment and the new regional free trade agreement are attracting the attention of big hungry banks looking for an acquisition. Brian Caplen reports.

A uniform policy that doesn’t fit all

September 4, 2006

What is taken as gospel truth in European and American business circles, namely the infallibility of the western model, is far from accepted in the rest of the world. Brian Caplen explains why the dissenters exist and why their influence seems to be growing.

No easy answers in the dollarisation debate

September 4, 2006

Seeking to improve their economies, Central America’s central bankers have been looking into the pros and cons of dollarisation, but so far only two countries have taken that path. Brian Caplen reports.

Drumming out boom and bust

July 3, 2006

Brian Caplen reports on government efforts to avoid past mistakes and provide security for future generations.

The hunt continues for competitive edge

July 3, 2006

Trinidadian banks are hungry for a bigger slice of the country’s lucrative energy sector but their plea for an end to withholding tax, which they argue would make them more able to compete, is falling on deaf ears. Brian Caplen reports from Port of Spain.

New market takes off

July 3, 2006

Brazil is working hard to make its capital markets attractive and the Novo Mercado, with its modern corporate governance standards, is helping. Brian Caplen reports.

All clients great and small

July 3, 2006

Banco do Brasil has a policy of attracting and keeping low-income customers who may prove more lucrative in the future. Brian Caplen reports.

Progress slow on modernisation

April 3, 2006

Until there is clarity over home country rule, Slovenian privatisation will be held up. Brian Caplen reports.

Bajuk’s balancing act

April 3, 2006

Slovenia’s finance minister Andrej Bajuk won The Banker’s award as best finance minister in Europe 2006. Here he explains to Brian Caplen how the Slovenian economy works.

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