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Doomsayers defied but challenges loom for Lebanese banks

October 5, 2009

Lebanon's banking sector won worldwide praise for its resilience to the economic downturn. A bigger challenge for the banks, however, will be to convince the country's new government of the urgency of fiscal and economic reform.


Funding Africa's agrarian revolution

September 2, 2009

Five decades of neglect left Africa's agricultural sector in a parlous state, but last year's food crisis galvanised global opinion that something must be done - and soon - to transform the continent's vast potential into reality. Financing small farmers is the first step. Writer Charlie Corbett

Ian Johnston

September 2, 2009

Ian Johnston, chief executive of Swift in the Asia-Pacific region

The chief executive of Swift in the Asia-Pacific region talks to The Banker about the impact of the financial crisis on business, the co-operative's strategy in Asia and how the company is changing to meet the needs of an ever-more diverse client base. Writer Charlie Corbett


Not a drop to drink

September 2, 2009

After years of easy finance, companies across the world have had to face up to some harsh realities since the onset of the financial crisis. As credit dried out at the end of last year, they were forced to diversify their financing options and squeeze liquidity from within. Writer Charlie Corbett

FX proves critical in a crisis

August 4, 2009

Rob Mandeno, global head of FX spot and e-commerce at Deutsche Bank in London

As the credit crisis took hold, foreign exchange trading, regarded as a reliable source of profit, surged in popularity among investors. Now, as trading volumes begin to return to pre-crisis levels, the inference is that confidence is slowly returning to the global economy. Writer Charlie Corbett

Zambia's fresh ambition

August 4, 2009

Rupiah Banda, the new president of Zambia talks about his vision for transforming the southern African state's economy in the light of a severe economic downturn. Writer Charlie Corbett in Cape Town

Shifting sands: Cash Management

July 7, 2009

In these straitened times, effective cash management has rapidly become the priority for both banks and their customers, but this return to so-called back-to-basics banking is anything but basic. This guide charts the changing cash management landscape and how banks can navigate it in order to come out on top when the global economic downturn subsides. Writer Charlie Corbett

A different picture

July 7, 2009

Jacob Zuma, South Africa's new president
Some of the world's most powerful leaders and investors met in Cape Town last month for the World Economic Forum. They discussed the impact of the global downturn on Africa and how the continent could use it as an opportunity to build a platform for growth. Writer Charlie Corbett in Cape Town

Standard Bank benefits from its Chinese partnership

July 7, 2009

The chief executive of South Africa's Standard Bank, Jacko Maree, talks about his international aspirations and how he is taking advantage of the relationship with Chinese state-owned banking giant ICBC to expand Standard Bank's global presence. Writer Charlie Corbett in Cape Town

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Leaning against the wind

July 7, 2009

South Africa's banking sector has so far proved resilient to the country's worst recession in 17 years, but faced with soaring unemployment and high levels of consumer debt, the biggest challenges lie ahead. Writer Charlie Corbett in Johannesburg and Cape Town

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