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Obstacles and optimism

July 1, 2008

As the rest of Africa ponders how to feed its inhabitants in the next few years, Zambia’s finance minister Ng’andu Magande tells Charlie Corbett that there is no food crisis in his country – but there are other obstacles to future prosperity.

Residual benefits

June 2, 2008

Standard Bank received a $5bn boost to its capital base last year after ICBC took a 20% stake. Charlie Corbett spoke to Standard Bank Africa’s chief executive Clive Tasker about the impact of the deal.

Manufacturing is key to prosperity

June 2, 2008

The key to Africa’s future prosperity lies in diversification away from raw materials. Africa Export Import Bank president Jean-Louis Ekra talks to Charlie Corbett about the challenges of creating an internal economy.

Scramble for wealth

June 2, 2008

Foreign investment is flooding into Africa thanks to the continent’s vast mineral wealth, but is the money benefiting the average African and helping to create a true internal economy? Charlie Corbett reports.

Huge potential to tap

May 5, 2008

The allure of private equity might have faded in developed markets, but Africa is providing golden opportunities for funds that are willing to swallow a bit more risk. Charlie Corbett reports.

RBS reaches out

May 5, 2008

Brian Stevenson, head of global transaction services at RBS, tells Charlie Corbett how the bank’s global footprint has received a huge boost from its acquisition of ABN AMRO’s transaction banking business.

Transaction banking takes on a new lustre as liquidity dries up

May 5, 2008

Transaction banking has taken on a new vitality as banks starved of traditional sources of revenue by the credit crunch hunt for a steady income stream in a volatile market. Charlie Corbett reports.

Cashing in

April 7, 2008

Political stability, economic growth, foreign investment, oil wealth, a growing middle class; there are many reasons why Nigeria’s banks have amassed large capital bases. As Charlie Corbett reports, the dilemma now is how to use it.

Nigeria ready to blossom

April 7, 2008

Over the past decade, the word ‘potential’ has become synonymous with Nigeria, as the resource-rich nation’s progress has been stymied by political and economic instability. Much progress has been made on both fronts, and under new president Umaru Yar’Adua Nigeria looks set to deliver on its promise. Charlie Corbett reports.

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