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Fraud, Money Laundering and Theft: Inevitable Consequences

November 6, 2006

A recent roundtable organised by The Banker looked at the opportunities and issues faced by banks in dealing with fraud and money laundering. A group of anti-fraud professionals from leading banks took part in the discussion, chaired by The Banker’s contributing editors Mike Imeson andChris Skinner.

Exchanges face stark changes

November 6, 2006

Two underlying themes of MiFID – forcing systematic internalisers to become transparent and defining liquid shares for all EU member states – will result in the role of national exchanges and market data providers being called into question. By Chris Skinner.

Summer of my discontent

October 2, 2006

Banks have taken automation to the extreme in their bid to cut costs. Now when their customers’ problems don’t correlate to the prescribed formulae, the system breaks down – as Chris Skinner discovered recently.

Fortunes of the merry-go-round

August 7, 2006

Trying to maintain systems built using old programming languages can be costly for banks and rewarding for programming specialists. But what happens when the specialists retire? By Chris Skinner.

Terrifying Europe’s ‘bad’ banks

July 3, 2006

Inefficient banks used to operating in protected domestic environments are likely to suffer the heaviest casualties once the single European financial market becomes a reality in 2010.By Chris Skinner.

Pointing the finger at banks

June 5, 2006

Biometric authentication has advanced considerably in recent years, and sceptical sections of the banking community should start using them as a method of identification.By Chris Skinner.

PayPal is a hard act to follow

May 2, 2006

Banks’ risk-avoiding trait of being lemmings not leaders has left the payments arena wide open for PayPal to build up its $27.5bn business. It seems unlikely that the banks will be able to catch up.By Chris Skinner.

Corporates press their point

April 3, 2006

Corporate treasurers’ group TWIST is putting pressure on banks to create a single payments standard and to stop trying to manage identities. The case is strong and SWIFT is already listening.By Chris Skinner.

Watch out for India and China

March 6, 2006

The rise of China and India in economic terms has been meteoric but, while their global banking presence remains relatively minor today, global dominance in this sector, too, is inevitable.By Chris Skinner.

Will banks surf or sink in next wave of change?

March 6, 2006

A recent roundtable organised by The Banker looked at the New Legal Framework (NLF) for Payments Directive, issued by the European Commission in December 2005, and the implications for the banking industry. A group of payments professionals from leading banks took part in the discussion.

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