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Beware casting off all skills

September 2, 2004

IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing and offshore outsourcing make good economic sense. But there is a danger: if so many of an organisation’s skills are external, how will they grow the next generation of internal expertise? By Chris Skinner

Something to talk about

August 2, 2004

The explosion of customer communication channels was intended to cut costs and increase efficiency. However, with cracks appearing in some systems and technology improving to allow face-to-face contact, banks may have to reverse their position on self-service. By Chris Skinner.

A new chip on the block

July 2, 2004

The tiny but intriguing radio frequency identification chip is already being used for contactless payments and could eventually be part of the euro note. But it also lends itself to applications for improving client services. Chris Skinner explains.

Once more, with feeling

June 2, 2004

Banks that solely implement customer relationship management at an internal sales management level rather than for improving customer service are missing the point, says Chris Skinner.

Executives will comply

May 3, 2004

With a raft of legislation bearing down upon the banking industry, technological change is on the agenda. So, more than ever, executive committees must take responsibility to ensure that the change is a successful one, says Chris Skinner.

Net banking: the next generation

April 5, 2004

Technologists are already developing Internet2, the super-fast web promising to deliver speeds that leave Broadband in the proverbial dust. But with many banks still grappling with today’s technology, how many will be ready for tomorrow’s? By Chris Skinner

SWIFT cannot afford to be slow

March 3, 2004

Banks’ transition to SWIFTNet may lead to SWIFT’s role being called into question as it could become just another software vendor competing with others. It will have to change its culture quickly if it wants to survive, says Chris Skinner.

It’s not broken, fix it anyway

February 3, 2004

Chief information officers’ attitude of not replacing core systems unless there is a problem is outmoded and will lead to banks losing customers in the digital decade, says Chris Skinner.

Read my fingers

January 5, 2004

The battle against money laundering and fraud is being fought on various fronts with various weapons, the most popular of which appears to be biometrics. But will this contactless form of payment eventually lead to a cashless society? Chris Skinner ponders the future.

WAP waits in the wings

December 2, 2003

Is wireless banking doomed? Not at all, says Chris Skinner. With
WAP technology expected to enjoy a resurgence and the launch of the
next generation of wireless technology, banks should soon see an upturn
in demand.

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