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Turkish banks wait for stability

May 2, 2017

With last year’s failed coup followed by a radical change in powers for Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, uncertainty is the watchword for Turkish banks. With a tumbling currency and pressure to cut interest rates, their outlook looks set to remain challenging. David O’Byrne and Stefanie Linhardt report.

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Will Turkey's turbulence abate?

April 10, 2017

Following a stormy 2016 blighted by a failed coup and a spate of terror attacks, Turkey's weakened economy has shown signs of recovery. But with a divisive referendum campaign dominating the first months of 2017, questions about the recovery's resilience remain. David O'Byrne reports.

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Turkey's economy: shaken but not stirred

October 1, 2016

Despite a failed military coup, and increasing regional instability that has brought frequent terror attacks and left the country catering for millions of refugees, the Turkish economy is delivering growth levels its Western neighbours can only dream of. But the possibility of external shocks continues to pose a risk, as David O'Byrne discovers.

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Turkey’s changing priorities

October 1, 2016

Amid a period of national uncertainty following the failed coup in July, Turkey’s financial sector is taking stock while targeting the potentially lucrative SME market in the country's more remote areas, as David O'Byrne reports.

Will a slower Turkey be a steadier Turkey

Will a slower Turkey be a steadier Turkey?

January 2, 2014

Turkey's impressive growth across numerous measures in recent years showed signs of slowing in 2013, and its image was further dented by civil unrest in June and July. However, will a more considered growth strategy be good news for the country's banking sector and investors?

Turkish banks face a genuine stress test

Turkish banks face a genuine stress test

October 1, 2013

Having enjoyed a highly profitable first half of the year, Turkish banks are now having to change strategy due to US monetary policy and turbulence closer to home.

Finansbank progresses under NBG

Finansbank progresses under NBG's control

September 3, 2012

The National Bank of Greece's acquisition of Turkey's Finansbank in 2006 faced much scepticism but the Turkish bank's chief believes that despite the countries' previous hostile relationship and Greece's recent debt crisis, it was a move that has paid off.

Turkeys unorthodox thinking

Will unorthodox thinking keep Turkey's economy stable?

September 3, 2012

Turkey’s central bank has apparently achieved the impossible by successfully tackling inflation, stabilising the country's currency and combating speculative inflows through an unconventional mix of interest rate cuts and tweaking reserve requirements. But can these changes hold up against the changing economic climate?

Extended reach means Credit Europe Bank spreads its risk

September 3, 2012

Its geographic and product diversification has allowed Credit Europe Bank to effectively spread its risk, a strategy that has served it well during a particularly tumultuous economic period in Europe.

Turkey spreads its wings

Buoyant Turkish banks eye regional expansion

May 1, 2012

Turkish banks are following the lead of the country’s vibrant export sector and expanding into new regional markets, but their strategies vary widely.

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