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Restructuring edges ABB towards black

June 2, 2004

An ambitious restructuring plan has brought the Swedish-Swiss engineering group a more positive credit rating, which in turn is translating into a healthier order book. However, unsettled asbestos claims remain a large blot on the landscape, says Geraldine Lambe.

Arrington Mixon

May 3, 2004

Following a decision by Bank of America to build a European presence, Arrington Mixon talks to Geraldine Lambe about the reasons behind the decision and how the bank approached putting together its European team.

Brian Lawson

April 5, 2004

Following a critical reorganisation, Brian Lawson, chief operating officer fixed income, Europe, at Nomura, says the business is once again ready to recapture its pre-1998 position. He talked to Geraldine Lambe about the focus of building intelligent, long-term businesses.

Foreign banks join Russia’s capital markets party

April 5, 2004

As the economic good times roll in Russia, foreign banks are either bolstering their current operations or looking for a way in, says Geraldine Lambe.

Volkswagen predicts ‘lousy’ first quarter

April 5, 2004

In the wake of a tough market and a poor reception for its new-look Golf, German carmaker Volkswagen has revealed a downbeat outlook for 2004 and announced plans to cut expenditure by 10%. Yet, it seems, analysts are still sceptical. Geraldine Lambe reports.

Piero Overmars

March 3, 2004

Since ABN AMRO announced structural changes, it has posted good figures and is climbing the league tables. The bank’s global head of Financial Markets tells Geraldine Lambe that the two developments are closely related.

Cingular wins bid for AT&T Wireless

March 3, 2004

UK’s Vodafone loses out to American competitor in a mega mobile phone deal that should represent a ‘clean, one-stage transaction’ – it also pleased the markets and the unions. Geraldine Lambe explains.

Smooth sailing for linkers deal

February 3, 2004

Goldman Sachs drew on its expertise in inflation-linked bonds in an innovative 15-year issue for Agence France Trésor. Geraldine Lambe reports on how it suggested the move and helped make the deal.

Adecco results delayed by ‘accounting issues’

February 3, 2004

Employment giant Adecco has been hit by a raft of problems at its North American arm, resulting in a stock slide, rating downgrade and official investigations in New York. Geraldine Lambe reports.

Striking out Fannie Mae

January 5, 2004

Geraldine Lambe reports on the storm that is raging over proposals to introduce US-style government-sponsored agencies in Europe to aid the integration of the mortgage-backed securities market.
European financial markets are usually chastised for taking the interventionist rather than the market route. Europe’s bureaucracy-heavy approach is blamed for slower growth and lower production levels compared with the leaner, meaner US financial machine. But in the case of a proposal from the European Mortgage Finance Agency project group (EMFA) to create a pan-European institution, sponsored by the EU, red-tape wielding Eurocrats cannot be held responsible.

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