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Bank crisis: Payback time

August 30, 2010

The world has come a long way since the lurid headlines of 2008 warning that support for the banking sector would cost governments around the world trillions of dollars. While dangers still persist, money is steadily starting to return to government coffers. Writer Geraldine Lambe

Deutsche Bank's corporate finance business comes of age

July 28, 2010

Deutsche Bank's co-head of global client coverage and chairman of the corporate finance executive committee explains how the bank's performance during the crisis has opened new doors for it both in Europe and the crucial US market. Writer Geraldine Lambe

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BNP Paribas consolidates crisis gains

July 6, 2010

BNP Paribas has had a good crisis. Now, after a reorganisation at the top level of the investment bank, the challenge is to consolidate the gains it has made and expand its US and Asian presence, a task that its new global head of primary markets and origination and global head of distribution are relishing. Writer Geraldine Lambe

Commodities: the industry still faces regulatory challenges

May 28, 2010

Speculative trading has been blamed for price spikes in energy and other commodities markets, but many economists point to growing demand from Asia as the real cause. Writer Geraldine Lambe

Nomura's William Vereker on the bank's expansion plan

May 28, 2010

Nomura is making an audacious bid to turn itself into a global investment bank, and its co-head of global investment banking is happy with the progress made so far. Writer Geraldine Lambe

JPMorgan aims at global corporate banking market

May 5, 2010

JPMorgan is taking on HSBC and Citi in the corporate banking market. It hopes a joint venture between the investment bank and the transaction bank is the way to do it. Writer Geraldine Lambe

The new line up: investment banks battle for position

May 5, 2010

There are two clear leaders at the front of the investment banking pack, but a battle is being waged immediately behind them - and there is everything to play for. Geraldine Lambe reports.

Credit Suisse's Gael de Boissard says the bank has the right model

March 31, 2010

Credit Suisse's co-head of global securities explains how the bank's capital model has helped it survive the crisis in good shape, and thrive in the aftermath. Writer Geraldine Lambe

Reg Rage: Will it be third time lucky for Basel?

March 31, 2010

Change to the Basel framework must, and will, happen. But many bankers question whether version III will be any more successful than efforts I or II. Writer Geraldine Lambe

In the balance

March 3, 2010

Spencer Lake, global head of debt capital markets, HSBC

Last year saw an amazing turnaround for debt capital markets which went from near death in 2008 to rude health in 2009. This year began with another intense round of capital raising, but clouds have appeared on the horizon. Will sovereign debt fears, growing regulatory pressure, inflationary spikes and fears of a double-dip recession put DCM back in hospital? Writer Geraldine Lambe

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