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Changes to pension rules in South Africa will benefit the stock exchange in Johannesburg

Private equity firms scramble over Africa's potential

January 31, 2011

A banking sector ripe for development, family businesses ready to go global and resource-rich nations with cash aplenty have meant private equity firms are buzzing over Africa's untapped potential.

Gulf banks anticipate demand for sukuk in west Africa

The Gulf's Islamic banks are targeting Africa's opportunities

January 31, 2011

Large financial institutions from the Gulf are increasingly buying stakes in local banks in west Africa to tap into the region's sizeable Muslim population.

Middle East M&A

M&A reshaping Middle Eastern economies

December 23, 2010

A frenzy of M&A activity in the Middle East in previously unexplored territories and sectors could see the region challenging China and India's emerging economic might. Writer Hafsa Kara

Bahrain Financial Exchange targets sharia business

December 23, 2010

Island kingdom Bahrain has opened a new Islamic exchange house and is launching innovative products to the market, such as an electronic trading platform, in an attempt to capture a bigger share of sharia-compliant assets. Writer Hafsa Kara

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