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The payments conundrum

July 3, 2006

The European Central Bank says Sepa will give banks a competitive edge but banks themselves beg to differ. They believe it may increase costs while cutting their revenues. Heather McKenzie reports.

Economies of scale

May 2, 2006

M&A considerations, namely cutting costs, are becoming a major driver for core system replacement. Heather McKenzie explains.

Getting the CEO onside

April 3, 2006

Without the buy-in of top management, SOA implementation is likely to fail. And management must understand it is not just a technology issue. Heather McKenzie reports.

Automation lifts east EU

September 5, 2005

Eastern European countries that are joining the EU at this stage have the advantage of having the latest banking transaction technologies already in place. Heather McKenzie reports.

Outsourcing dilemmas

September 5, 2005

Any combination of factors will be considered before a financial institution makes the decision to outsource, says Heather McKenzie. But cost and efficiency are basic requirements.
When it comes to outsourcing, definitions are as varied as the deals that are done. The simplest definition is the handing over of processes for a third party to run.

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