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Poll reveals reform trends

June 2, 2004

A study of governance by the UN Economic Commission for Africa demonstrates how much progress has been made across the continent and exposes areas that are still weak. James Eedes reports.
The complex relationship between forms of government, the effectiveness of state and economic development has been the subject of scholarly research for more than a hundred years. Though political scientists and philosophers have yet to arrive at the definitive conclusion, a rough blueprint is emerging.

Aid levels fail to fill the gap

June 2, 2004

Too little aid is flowing into Africa from the developed world to make agreed poverty reduction targets a reality. James Eedes assesses the state of capital inflows.

ADB delivers from a solid base

June 2, 2004

The African Development Bank Group’s mission is to promote economic and social development. James Eedes reports on some of the projects it is helping to fund and finds the bank has developed a solid financial standing.

Serious about financial reform

June 2, 2004

James Eedes finds that Nigeria’s finance minister is determined to put the country back on track.

Uganda’s plan for a brighter future

May 3, 2004

Despite enviable economic growth stretching back 16 years, Uganda still has many hurdles to overcome, says James Eedes.

UBS takes top accolades in poll of best FX banks

April 5, 2004

James Eedes reveals the results of The Banker’s second FX banks listing. Once again, UBS is the runaway victor but there is still much to play for in terms of global control.

Will bitter pill save Zimbabwe?

April 5, 2004

The governor of Zimbabwe’s central bank has had to introduce tough measures – in the face of death threats – to pull the country back from the brink of meltdown. But are they too little, too late? James Eedes reports.

Barriers to change

April 5, 2004

While most banks know their core systems are overdue for replacement, the dual obstacles of high cost and high risk are preventing them from taking the plunge. 

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