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Turning up the heat in the cash management space

July 1, 2014

Cash management is growing in importance, but negative interest rates, the regulatory fallout from the financial crisis and an increasingly complex political landscape are colluding to make life difficult for transaction bankers and corporate treasurers.

The challenges of keeping pace with technology

The challenges of keeping pace with technology

July 1, 2014

The speed at which technology advances is almost impossible for regulation-laden banks to keep up with. This makes judging which technological innovations created by more nimble, pure tech companies to adopt all the more important.

Top 1000 World Banks – Brazilian and Russian banks top soundness rankings

June 30, 2014

The banks represented in The Banker's Top 1000 soundness rankings come from a diverse range of countries, but it is two BRIC lenders that take the top spots.

Top 1000 World Banks – Recapitalisations put Europe’s banks back in Top 1000

June 30, 2014

Europe's healthier banking landscape sees some of its banks return to the Top 1000 but it is Chinese banks that dominate the new arrivals table.

Top 1000 World Banks – European lenders soar in highest movers table

June 30, 2014

Bank of Cyprus's astonishing 1888.23% increase in Tier 1 capital sees it top this year's highest movers table, with other European banks filling the top four spaces.

David Hennah

Managing the financial supply chain

June 19, 2014

David Hennah, head of trade at technology provider Misys, was instrumental in the commercialisation of the bank payment obligation (BPO). Here, he discusses what the adoption of BPO means for the industry.

Cindy Murray

Following the acquisition chain

June 13, 2014

Cindy Murray, head of global treasury product platforms and e-channels at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, gives a unique insight into the people exchange that takes place every time a bank acquires a new business.

David Howson

BATS Chi-X Europe keeps ahead of regulatory curve

June 2, 2014

Largely thanks to its innovative new solution for on- and off-exchange reporting, pan-European exchange BATS Chi-X Europe has seen its market share balloon in recent months. But, aware of the dangers of complacency, chief operating officer David Howson says that the firm is just as focused on further innovation as on growth.

Losing the human touch

Smart machines: clever enough to replace bankers?

June 2, 2014

Computers have reached such a level of sophistication that they can now outperform their human counterparts at some tasks, a fact that has not gone unnoticed in the banking community. But, while smart machines are increasingly being utilised in customer service and data analysis capacities, advocates of these new technologies maintain that they are designed to complement rather than replace the traditional workforce.

Banks restructure to make room for GTS

June 2, 2014

Banks are recognising the importance of transaction banking to global operations, pushing it up the hierarchy of their organisational structures and reaping the rewards of a more holistic client experience. 

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