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Bangladesh CBG puts words into action

November 1, 2013

Bangladesh's central bank governor, Atiur Rahman, spent an academic career championing the cause of the country's poor. He is now – through the implementation of a number of socially responsible economic policies – putting his theories into practice, and with some success.

Bangladesh finance minister seeks middle ground

November 1, 2013

Bangladesh’s finance minister talks to Jane Cooper about the country’s stable gross domestic product growth, achievements in tax revenues and why he is confident that Bangladesh will become a middle-income country in the next five years.

The optimism amid Bangladeshs challenges

The optimism amid Bangladesh's challenges

November 1, 2013

Bangladesh’s story of growth has been replaced by one of political instability and banking uncertainty, but local bankers remain upbeat about the country’s potential. 

Banks see the silver lining in Japans new demographic

Banks see the silver lining in Japan's new demographic

November 1, 2013

Japan's ageing population may be a burden on the country's younger generations, but the older population is proving to be a profitable target market for the country's banks, which are addressing the needs of this growing market segment with new products and services.

SEPA area migration approaches crunch time

SEPA area migration approaches crunch time

November 1, 2013

With the deadline for the Single Euro Payments Area looming, there is much speculation over who is actually ready to migrate, with many small and medium-sized enterprises lagging behind and businesses of all sizes struggling to implement systems for direct debits.

Top 100 China Banks ranking, 2013

Top 100 China Banks ranking, 2013: Banks continue to flourish

October 1, 2013

The Banker's ranking of China’s Top 100 banks shows the country's continued prosperity, with increases in Tier 1 capital almost across the board. 

T-Choongsoo Kim

South Korea CBG looks to bridge international gaps

October 1, 2013

Bank of Korea governor Choongsoo Kim tells Jane Cooper how he aims to bridge the gap at international meetings between emerging and developed economies, and how he plans to globalise South Korea’s central bank. 

Mirror image: the Korean exchange, which runs the benchmark Kospi market for larger companies, has opened the Korea New Exchange for younger companies

Capital markets play catch-up to South Korea’s real economy

October 1, 2013

With South Korea's underdeveloped capital markets struggling under the growing weight of the country's rapidly expanding conglomerates, the pressure is on for the sector to evolve and mature – with the government, regulators and banks all taking steps to achieve this goal. But will new regulations and improved infrastructure be enough to transform the industry?

South Korea’s big players make investment banking move

October 1, 2013

Many of South Korea's largest financial institutions are having to reconsider their investment banking strategies in the wake of changed capital markets regulation, increasing competition and narrowing profits, with many turning to the international market.

Asia does its own thing

Doing its own thing: does Asia need the IMF?

October 1, 2013

Lingering resentment over its role in the Asian crisis of the 1990s and complaints that the continent is under-represented in its senior positions mean that the IMF's popularity throughout Asia is low. But will this sense of injustice lead to the forming of an Asian Monetary Fund that will push the IMF to the sidelines in the region?

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