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Is Argentina poised for an economic turnaround?

October 3, 2016

The administration of Argentine president Mauricio Macri has largely impressed international observers and those within the finance industry with its market-friendly policies. The government's priority, however, remains turning around the country's economy, something its banks will play a role in. Jason Mitchell reports.

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Venezuelan banks battle to rise above inflation and FX woes

October 3, 2016

Sky-high inflation, a spiralling economy and a bleak foreign exchange environment in which the black market is thriving are presenting Venezuela's banks with one of the toughest tasks in global financial circles just to stay in business. Jason Mitchell looks at how those still standing are managing to cope.

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President Chávez's presence looms large over Venezuela's private banks

May 4, 2011

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez has ushered in massive changes to the country's banking sector, nationalising or closing banks, while introducing community banking terminals in slum areas to make banking more accessible. But is this level of public spending sustainable?

Argentina's economy has been a boon to a country's banking sector, are tough times around the corner?

Are Argentina's banks headed for a hard landing?

February 14, 2011

A booming economy is behind the record income for Argentinian banks last year but growing inflation is placing the sustainability of these profits in doubt.

Brazil's increasing affluence is creating an expanding clientele for wealth management firms

Wealth management boom in Brazil

January 31, 2011

Business is booming for the wealth management sector in Brazil. Large domestic banks still dominate the industry but international players have found plenty of scope to move in on this expanding market.


Bond boom fires up Latin America

March 3, 2010

With bank lending drying up last year, many Latin American corporates turned to the bond market to strengthen their cash positions. The resulting boom has instilled a sense of confidence in the region, with firms in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia leading the way. Writer Jason Mitchell


Will Chile's right turn mean business?

March 3, 2010

Chile's new right-wing government has promised to sustain the country's growth trajectory with a series of reforms, aimed at diversifying its economy, which is highly dependent on the copper industry, and improving conditions for SMEs. Writer Jason Mitchell


Argentina: Sacking of central bank governor damages country's reputation

March 3, 2010

The 'soap opera' surrounding the protracted dismissal of the Argentine central bank governor by president Cristina Kirchner has damaged the country's international image and highlighted major weaknesses within its institutions. Writer Jason Mitchell


The only way is up for Chile

October 28, 2009

With one of the most liberalised economies in the world, prudent policies, and trading links with the Far East, Chile is poised to emerge from the downturn as a Latin American front-runner. Writer Jason Mitchell

Andrés Velasco

October 5, 2009

Chile's prudent fiscal policies have enabled it to weather the global recession well. The county's finance minister explains the thinking behind them. Writer Jason Mitchell

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