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CARs hit new low in western Europe

July 2, 2012

Despite the uncertainty casting a shadow over global markets, the capital-to-asstes ratio (CAR) of banking systems across much of the world remain stable. But it is a different story in Western Europe where CARs remain well below the global average.

Emerging markets dominate return on capital

July 2, 2012

Emerging market banks lead the way on return on capital, with notable performances coming from Middle Eastern, African and Latin American firms.

Central Asia flourishes on loan-to-deposit averages

July 2, 2012

Western European lenders have been overtaken by their central Asian counterparts for regional loans-to-deposit ratios this year, as Latin American banks climb to third.

How banks can make the most of data

June 1, 2012

In the information age, banks have more data to cope with than ever before. But rather than prove a burden, this can be an opportunity to gain a genuine competitive advantage. John Morton, chief technology officer with business analytics and intelligence provider SAS UK and Ireland, explains how banks can make the most of the mass of information available to them.

Virginie Fauvel

BNP Paribas keeps pace with digital revolution

June 1, 2012

BNP Paribas has launched a series of online, mobile and social media to cater for increasingly tech-savvy consumers. The bank’s head of e-banking explains how its new digital focus has strengthened BNP’s relationship with its customers. 

TEASER-Tech Awards 2012

Innovation in Banking Technology Awards 2012

June 1, 2012

IT teams from all corners of the banking world have proven more inventive than ever over the past 12 months, while the role of technology providers is growing in importance. The Banker’s Innovation in Banking Technology Awards celebrates those behind the industry’s brightest ideas and most capable platforms and systems.

Out of the shadows TEASER

Out of the shadows: the new role of non-banks

May 1, 2012

Hit hard by regulation and declining revenues, banks have been forced into scaling back their operations, leaving a gap that their non-bank counterparts have been quick to fill.

Federal Bank of India targets unbanked with safe, fast and easy payments

Federal Bank of India targets unbanked with safe, fast and easy payments

May 1, 2012

A Surendran, a general manager and head of international banking with Federal Bank of India, tells The Banker about the bank's innovative payments strategy designed to improve access to banking channels and boost the provision of electronic transactions.

Tom Secunda

Data service redesign extends Bloomberg's dominance

April 2, 2012

Bloomberg’s co-founder, vice-chairman and head of financial products and services talks about the recently launched redesign of the financial data and information provider's iconic terminals.

New technology widens trading providers' FX appeal

April 2, 2012

Banks are looking for a larger slice of the highly liquid foreign exchange market, and in response FX trading providers are developing their technology apace. But with the huge technology requirements for FX houses and the changing regulatory landscape, the battle lines are being redrawn.

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