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Iceland's slow progress

Iceland's recovery hindered by political and consolidation worries

March 1, 2012

Iceland's rebuilding efforts following its economic collapse have borne some fruit, with the IMF predicting 2.5% growth for this year, but the country is still faced with a number of challenges.

Ecobank expansion calls for core systems upgrade

Ecobank expansion calls for core systems upgrade

March 1, 2012

Ecobank's CEO Arnold Ekpe explains how the bank upgraded and centralised its core system across operations in 32 countries, boosting efficiency and saving money along the way.

José Olalla

BBVA's CIO reaches for the cloud

February 1, 2012

BBVA’s CIO explains how the bank is making the switch to cloud-based enterprise software and services, and why industry concerns over security are not worrying him.

TEASER Can Hong Kong adapt as China

Can Hong Kong adapt as China opens up?

February 1, 2012

Hong Kong's economic success looks set to continue for some time yet, but challenges lie ahead for its exchange. How will it cope with declines in listing growth, and ultimately all out competition with its peers on the mainland?

London stock exchange

LSE builds on foreign interest amid global shift

February 1, 2012

International listings are a huge part of the London Stock Exchange's business, but emerging market exchanges are becoming a genuine source of competition. However, the LSE's reputation and prestige look set to keep the bourse's global standing high in the short to medium term at the very least.

Mark Harris

New compliance function pushes RenCap on

January 3, 2012

Mark Harris, head of compliance with Renaissance Group, tells The Banker how he boosted the group's compliance capability, and installed a new trading surveillance system in its investment banking operations.

asia regulation teaser

Asian banks search for a new financial model

January 3, 2012

With the West’s financial collapse in 2008, Asia’s banking systems are in search of a new regulatory model. They are keen that their financial sectors should not dominate the real economy. 

ICBC eases growing pains with centralisation remedy

December 1, 2011

The vice-managing director for IT at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's headquarters, Zhang Ying, explains the bank's plans to move more of its IT functions in house and discusses the technological challenges of a firm boasting 259 million individual customers.

Asset protection and client money to the fore

December 1, 2011

Philippe Chambadal, CEO of middle- and back-office processing technology provider SmartStream, explains why banks need to pay more attention to asset protection and the separation of client money.

RBS round table participants

Opportunities and risks as transaction banking gains traction

December 1, 2011

Transaction banking’s increased prominence in the global financial landscape has been well documented, but its increased standing has created issues as well as openings for market participants. Its rise in popularity has led to more competition, while the impact of macro-economic conditions, higher customer expectations and an unprecedented regulatory burden has made it increasingly tough just to stay in business. At a recent round table hosted by The Banker, a panel of industry experts discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by today's transaction bankers. The event, part of an ongoing series, was sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland, but independently written and edited.

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