Latest articles from John Rumsey

Multilatinas: the new pretenders

March 4, 2008

John Rumsey reports on a new generation of firms in the Latin Americas that are breaking free from old traditions.

Big hitters look afar for acquisitions

February 4, 2008

Latin American companies are snubbing local acquisitions in favour of far-flung deals but SMEs will find it hard to play, writes John Rumsey in São Paulo.

Foreigners flock in as Panama blossoms

February 4, 2008

With a thriving economy that appears to be on the up, Panama is seeing a wave of takeovers by foreign banks. John Rumsey reports.

Santander shakes up Brazil’s banking elite

January 2, 2008

Santander’s takeover of ABN Amro Banco Real has changed Brazil’s banking landscape, but the integration process may not be easy. John Rumsey reports.


November 5, 2007

Despite infrastructure issues and a lack of scenery, São Paulo has seen off local rivals and is emerging as the region’s pre-eminent financial centre. John Rumsey explains.

Investors leave cash south of Rio Grande

November 5, 2007

Latin American market investors’ sanguine reaction to the debt crisis shows how far the continent has come in cushioning itself through strong macro policies and solid growth. John Rumsey explains.

Andean roulette

October 1, 2007

Ecuador’s bankers insist the president’s high stakes political strategy, which has included singling them out as public enemies, is ruining the economy. John Rumsey reports.

Playing ball with Chávez

September 3, 2007

Banks that co-operate with Venezuela’s government can make good profits, but some fear a total takeover of the banking system is the true game plan. John Rumsey explains.

Investors weigh up possibility of default

July 2, 2007

If Venezuela bows out of the multilateral lending agencies, as the president has mooted, bondholders could be in for a mini windfall. John Rumsey reports.

Staffing concerns as markets ride a wave

July 2, 2007

Brazil’s equity markets are booming, with many IPOs, but investor interest may have peaked and finding staff is a real headache. John Rumsey explains.

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