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Getting down to business

October 2, 2006

The drive by both banks and corporates to achieve improved efficiency and best use of working capital is behind the latest technology trends such as greater employment of real-time information. Jules Stewart reports.

Fellow travellers

October 2, 2006

Banks and their corporate clients are investing heavily in new technology in the cash management sphere, bringing mutual benefits, and they increasingly share the same aims of rationalisation and globalisation. Jules Stewart reports.

Rich potential in the personal touch

October 2, 2006

Global opportunities are opening up for institutions serving high net worth individuals, in everything from emerging markets to foreign exchange to real estate. Jules Stewart traces the success of Barclays Capital’s investor solutions team.

Pushing the boat out

September 4, 2006

Foreign corporations are already moving into St Petersburg but the city is trying to make itself even more attractive through investor-friendly tax policies, simpler bureaucracy and better infrastructure. Jules Stewart reports.

Foreign banks in shopping spree

September 4, 2006

Being Europe’s fourth-largest city by population, St Petersburg is highly attractive to foreign banks, which are snapping up local players, and bringing in huge amounts of capital to offer in loans to corporates and consumers. By Jules Stewart.

St Petersburg aims high

September 4, 2006

Russia’s most European city is attracting more investment, through its trade links, port facilities and range of successful industries, writes Jules Stewart.

Globalising like there’s no mañana

June 5, 2006

Massive overseas expansion by once-local firms has led to humming activity in Spain’s capital markets arena. Jules Stewart explains.

HSBC’s stealthy and steady expansion

April 3, 2006

The UK bank’s strategy in Latin America is paying off. Jules Stewart reports.

Beyond mere profit maximisation

November 7, 2005

Juan Ramón Quintás, chairman of the Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros, Spain’s savings banks federation, tells Jules Stewart about the benefits of being mutual.

Banks feel effects of cajas’ success

November 7, 2005

Opposition is mounting to the privileged position of Spain’s ultra successful savings banks, says Jules Stewart.

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