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Lenders get burned

April 7, 2008

The consumer credit market has been growing but a slowing economy and lax processes have taken their toll on some players, says Kala Rao.

Savvy private banks snap at heels of state stalwarts

September 3, 2007

India’s smaller, fast-growing private banks, with their healthy loan books, dynamic managers and the latest technology, are the banks to watch, says Kala Rao .

Pressure grows for a more robust microcredit sector

April 2, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Mohammed Yunus talks to Kala Rao about the growing role of microfinance in the global economy, the challenges the sector faces moving from the informal to formal status, the need for regulation and the role that governments can play.

Gung-ho push for global domination

January 8, 2007

Indian companies from Tata to Videocon are making full use of the proceeds from foreign currency convertible bond sales to notch up a slew of high-profile global M&A deals. Kala Rao explains.

The road to sustained economic growth

September 4, 2006

India’s government has recognised the importance of tackling the country’s infrastructure deficit and is prepared to invest to help solve the problem. The results of this investment could provide excellent lending opportunities for banks. Kala Rao explains.

Reflections on credit risk

July 3, 2006

Having spent the past few years building up their retail loans, India’s banks are now considering ways to mitigate the effects of a downturn in the property or equity markets. Kala Rao reports.

From vendor to partner

April 3, 2006

As a conference in India on business process outsourcing heard recently, the relationship between company and service provider has evolved, to the benefit of both sides. Kala Rao explains.

Unravelling India’s capital flows

April 3, 2006

India’s economic dreams can only be realised with a consistent approach to capital flows, writes Kala Rao.

India’s hunt for capital continues

February 6, 2006

A lending boom, high growth levels and the requirements of Basel II are driving the search for extra capital among India’s banks. As Kala Rao reports, restrictions on public sector banks may give rise to new instruments.

Foreign firms work India’s loopholes

August 1, 2005

Foreign banks that are keen to tap the potential of the under-penetrated Indian market are finding a variety of ways in, despite the barriers. Kala Rao reports.

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