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China’s banks look to restoring health post-coronavirus

July 6, 2020

Crisis has halted growth for first time in decades. What role can banks play in rebooting economy?

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China’s small banks face the regulators

July 3, 2020

Chinese regulators are seeking to bridge the gulf between its largest banks and small rural lenders.

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China continues its green revolution

July 3, 2020

China is one of the world’s worst polluters, but its green credentials are improving.

Top 1000 World Banks – Indonesia’s banks creep up the ranking

July 1, 2020

Indonesia’s banks have shown a strong increase in Tier 1 capital over the course of 2019. Kimberley Long reports.

Top 1000 World Banks – Taiwan’s banks post impressive growth

July 1, 2020

Taiwan’s banks are among those to watch in Asia-Pacific, with almost half in the Top 1000 seeing double-digit growth. Kimberley Long reports. 

Top 1000 World Banks – South Korea’s banks stagnate

July 1, 2020

Lack of growth by South Korea’s banks has resulted in little movement in global ranking. 

Top 1000 World Banks – China holds tight at the top

July 1, 2020

China’s big four maintain their grip at the apex of the Top 1000, though returns are slowing.

Top 1000 World Banks – Japan marches on despite slow growth

July 1, 2020

Number of Japanese banks in Top 1000 is stable, but they have struggled to maintain Tier 1 levels.

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Philippine central bank charts path out of crisis

June 8, 2020

Central bank governor Benjamin Diokno outlines measures taken in response to Covid-19.

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Asean ranking highlights Indonesian banks resilience

June 1, 2020

The Banker’s Asean banks ranking points to solid foundations at Indonesian and Malaysian lenders.

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Top 1000 World Banks 2020: the biggest and the best

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