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Qatar’s economy thrives through self-sufficiency

May 24, 2021

Despite the challenges of an economic blockade and Covid-19, Qatar's economy entered 2021 relatively unscathed. 

Raghavan Seetharaman

Qatari banks' digital transformation remains on track

May 24, 2021

The chief executive of Qatar’s Doha Bank on getting through the pandemic and plans for 2021.


Qatar’s banking sector stands strong in face of pandemic

May 24, 2021

The Gulf country was well positioned for difficult economic conditions when Covid-19 hit.


Bulgarian National Bank governor puts faith in reforms

April 29, 2021

Dimitar Radev, governor of the Bulgarian National Bank, on getting the country through the pandemic and plans to adopt the euro in 2024.

Bulg econ

Bulgaria's hopes lie in the eurozone

April 29, 2021

Bulgaria is struggling with low wages and political uncertainty, but remains determined to join the eurozone by 2024.

Bulg banks

M&A expected in Bulgaria's banking sector

April 29, 2021

Bulgaria's banks look strong and stable as the country moves towards adopting the euro, but the sector still requires consolidation.

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Turkish banks prepare for turbulence ahead

April 22, 2021

After the firing of Turkey’s central bank governor, the country seems primed for another currency crisis.


Egypt’s banking industry stays the course

April 1, 2021

Despite a difficult operating environment, Egypt’s banks have shown resilience.


Rebalancing Egypt’s economy from public to private

April 1, 2021

Egypt needs to look beyond the public sector for future growth.


CIB CEO bullish on Egypt's future

April 1, 2021

Hussein Abaza, Commercial International Bank’s chief executive, on the rise of fintech during the pandemic.

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