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Brazil econ new

Brazil’s economy improving despite strong headwinds

July 1, 2022

Brazil’s economy has performed better than expected in the first few months of the year. However, it faces strong headwinds with regards inflation and political uncertainty. 

Nubank new

Brazil's open banking, digital currency and ESG agenda

June 30, 2022

The strength of Brazil’s banks indicates that they will be able to stay the course as they navigate regulatory reforms and the emergence of new competitors.

Renato Lulia

Itaú’s strategy on digital payments and open banking

June 30, 2022

The scope of Brazilian open finance is broader than other markets, according to Itaú Unibanco's group head of investor relations and marketing intelligence. 

Guillermo Avellán

Central Bank of Ecuador promotes financial inclusion

March 30, 2022

Guillermo Avellán has been at the helm of the Central Bank of Ecuador since June 2021, implementing a host of changes that the country’s government has been passing to modernise and grow the economy. He spoke to The Banker about deepening financial inclusion and implementing reforms to maintain a solid financial system.

Guillermo Lasso

Ecuador’s banks get unexpected boost from government

March 14, 2022

Ecuador’s banks expect a banner year in 2022 stimulated by an unexpected source — the government.

Diego Labat new

Growing economy gives Uruguay monetary policy options

February 16, 2022

Uruguay’s central bank governor speaks to The Banker about managing inflation, de-dollarisation and digital assets.

Banco Republica

Uruguay’s banks ready to grow

February 14, 2022

Robust financial regulations, strong liquidity and a solid economic rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic underpin a resilient banking system.

Shawn Gurcharran1

Guyana’s banks prepare for boom

October 20, 2021

Oil is the one-word explanation for the transformation underway in Guyana’s economy and financial system. 

Santander chile

Chilean banks brave tough environment

October 20, 2021

Change is underway in Chile as its financial institutions face political, economic and operational challenges. 


New economic and political winds in Chile

October 20, 2021

Presidential elections and the possibility of a new constitution are creating uncertainty for the economic and investment environment in the country. 

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