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Cloud computing

Investment banks cautiously look into the cloud

November 29, 2021

A host of benefits have continued to entice banks to adopt cloud-based technology, but as with any large-scale transformation it is not always straightforward. 

Global payments revenues decline by 5%, but show signs of recovery

November 23, 2021

Revenues in 2020 were hit by Covid-19, but not as severely as anticipated and are already showing signs of a bounceback. 


Deutsche Bank's US arm looks forward with renewed positivity

November 22, 2021

Drew Goldman, Deutsche Bank’s global head of investment banking coverage and advisory, believes there are plenty of reasons for optimism about its performance in one of the bank’s most significant markets.

measuring esg

The developing art of measuring ESG performance

November 10, 2021

Across the public and private markets, significant efforts are underway to crack the complex and multifaceted challenge of quantifying companies’ environmental, social and governance performance. 


VTB Capital supports clients on big strategic questions in a post-Covid world

October 27, 2021

Alexander Pukhaev, VTB Capital’s head of global banking, on how the bank supports its clients during significant strategic transactions.


ESG becoming core to investor appeal

October 26, 2021

As performance against ESG criteria increasingly has an impact on stock market value, companies are grappling with the strategic consequences. 

Sustainable finance bond markets moderate but remain brisk

October 22, 2021

The first nine months of 2021 show the highest totals on record, but are now showing signs of slowing.

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Tara Winters teaser

Enabling firms to be more confident in their systems’ resilience

September 16, 2021

FIS Capital Markets’s head of managed services believes financial services firms are waking up to the benefits of outsourcing. 

Nicolas Namias

A moment of truth for Natixis

September 15, 2021

Natixis CEO Nicolas Namias outlines his ambitions for the firm, following its recent delisting and acquisition by BPCE.

Securities services revenues remain flat despite strong equity markets

September 13, 2021

Declines in net interest income and other factors have suppressed revenue levels at the industry’s largest banks. 


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