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Getting there... living there

March 30, 2010

The lap of luxury: Malta's Xara Hotel is expensive but attracts visitors from far and wide

Anyone considering doing business in Malta will need to know a few practical things about flights, hotels and so on - and more if they are thinking of living there. Writer Michael Imeson

Pool of support

March 30, 2010

Kevin Valenzia, territory senior partner for PwC in Valletta

Accountants, lawyers, consultants and more - Malta boasts a talented pool of professionals to cater for the financial service sector, and at a cheaper price than other European financial centres. Writer Michael Imeson

Firm yet flexible

March 30, 2010

Professor Joseph Bannister, Malta Financial Services Authority's chairman

When a financial institution considers setting up in a new jurisdiction, it wants a regime that is robust, but also fair. For many, the Malta Financial Services Authority ticks all these boxes. Writer Michael Imeson

An international flavour

March 30, 2010

Malta's insurance sector is highly oriented towards international insurers, with insurance management companies based in the country heavily involved in helping to run them on behalf of their parent organisations.

Attracting allcomers

March 30, 2010

With 401 funds registered, many of which moved to the country upon it joining the EU six years ago, Malta has acquired a reputation as an attractive fund domicile that has drawn in custom from beyond its EU neighbours. Writer Michael Imeson

Sound principles

March 30, 2010

Malta has one of the soundest banking systems in the world, a testament to the reliable, old-fashioned principles adhered to by its leading 'credit institutions licence holders': Bank of Valletta and HSBC Bank Malta. Writer Michael Imeson

Michael Bonello

March 30, 2010

Michael Bonello, governor of the Central Bank of Malta

The governor of the Central Bank of Malta gives an assessment of the country's economy, explaining why its financial sector managed to emerge from the recession in relatively good health. Interview Michael Imeson

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A safe harbour

March 30, 2010

Malta ranks 13th in the world for financial market sophistication, according to a World Economic Forum survey. It raised its game considerably before it joined the EU in 2004, and now enjoys the presence of many international banks, insurers and fund managers operating within an EU-compliant regulatory regime. Writer Michael Imeson

MiFID review makes bond dealers nervous

March 3, 2010

MiFID is moving up the agenda, with a major review due this year that is likely to see its post-trade transparency regime for equity markets extended to non-equity markets. Bond dealers are understandably nervous. Writer Michael Imeson

Adoption proves costly for New Zealand's banks

February 1, 2010

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has strengthened its liquidity requirements for banks. It will be expensive, but at least they'll be operating on a sounder footing. Writer Michael Imeson

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