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Reg Rage: EU to cut hedge funds down to size

June 4, 2009

EU policymakers have sharpened their shears and launched an attack on hedge fund managers and other alternative investment fund managers. Writer Michael Imeson

Reg Rage: G-20 bullies Swiss bankers into submission

May 5, 2009

Switzerland has just caved in to pressure from the big economic powers and relaxed its banking secrecy laws. Some fear this is the beginning of the end of its long tradition of client confidentiality. Writer Michael Imeson

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Bright vision in a gloomy climate

May 5, 2009

Abu Dhabi's second Islamic bank was launched almost a year ago, just before the global financial crisis hit the Middle East. Despite this Al Hilal Bank continues to expand. Writer Mike Imeson

Reg Rage: PPI restrictions will hit where it hurts

April 7, 2009

Just as the UK goes into recession, the authorities decided to get tough on loan repayment insurance. Surely this is dreadful timing? Writer Michael Imeson

Tighter times for Bahrain

April 7, 2009

The global economic downturn is catching up with Bahrain's banks. However, the country still has some cause for optimism, particularly in its Islamic banking sector. Writer Michael Imeson

Can deep pockets protect the UAE?

April 7, 2009

The United Arab Emirates began to feel the chill winds of global recession late last year. However, the Emirates' immense accumulated wealth, especially that of Abu Dhabi, is likely to protect the economy in general, and the financial system in particular, from the worst effects. Writer Michael Imeson

Ucits Directive enters the fourth dimension

October 1, 2007

The EU directive on retail investment funds is being revised – yet again – but the proposals are flawed.

Transparency Directive is clearly a dog’s dinner

July 2, 2007

The EU’s Transparency Directive is not functioning properly because most states have failed to implement it, and where it is in force it has been gold-plated to varying degrees.

MiFID spawns new execution venues

June 4, 2007

Investment firms preparing for MiFID are getting ready to seize the commercial advantages. Alternative trading and market data platforms are being created to challenge the supremacy of the established exchanges.

South Africa's banks bullied over payments

November 6, 2006

Banks in South Africa are being forced to open up the payments system to newcomers and slash transaction charges, writes Michael Imeson.

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