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Getting selective

April 7, 2008

The fortunes of the covered bond market varied wildly from country to country during the subprime crisis, leaving investors facing tougher choices on where to put their money, says Michael Marray.

West continues to woo Asian investors

May 7, 2007

Observers see the lack of Asian participation in dollar deals as a temporary blip, due largely to current conditions. However, European bankers are still keen to cultivate investment from Asia. Michael Marray reports.

CEE surfs a new wave of structured finance products

May 7, 2007

A surge of new offerings are coming out of central and eastern Europe, with Russia and Kazakhstan showing the new EU countries how it should be done. Michael Marray reports.

Variety without the volatility

May 7, 2007

Banks are devising structured products for private banking clients that are more diverse than they previously were but still have an element of protection. Michael Marray investigates.

On the bandwagon

April 2, 2007

Covered bond issuance out of the US will not only widen the global market, but also deepen the investor base for the European issuers, writes Michael Marray.

The universe is expanding

April 2, 2007

As more jurisdictions join the covered bond market, investors are taking the opportunity to diversify their portfolios. Michael Marray looks at which countries are making waves.

Feeding the flame

April 2, 2007

Although covered bond issuance is booming in the UK, legislation to bring the country in line with the EU is in the pipeline. Michael Marray reports on the advantages this will bring for the market.

Credit environment bodes well

February 5, 2007

Russia dominated the bonds and equities scenes last year but this year there are likely to be opportunities for small corporates and second-tier banks in other CEE countries to join the fray, writes Michael Marray.

The power of attraction

June 5, 2006

EU accession has led to foreign direct investment flowing into Cyprus more freely as companies take advantage of its favourable tax rates and strategic location to do business in both Europe and the Middle East. Michael Marray reports.

Positive outlook for growth

June 5, 2006

The Republic of Cyprus has an optimistic economic growth story in shipping, services and tourism but faces a tighter labour market and political stalemate. 

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