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Confidence in Mexico is hard to shake

November 7, 2005

As the main political parties choose their candidates for next year’s presidential election, Monica Campbell reports on the contenders, and prospects for the economy and investment if they succeed.

Banorte: Mexico’s homegrown success

October 3, 2005

Banorte, Mexico’s fifth-largest bank, is doing well under the leadership of chief executive Luis Peña Kegel.Monica Campbell reports from Mexico City.
These days, Luis Peña Kegel, the 45-year old chief executive of Banorte, has reason to relax in his spacious Mexico City office. Talk about a strong year. In the second quarter of 2005, Banorte delivered earnings totalling $192m, a 249% jump compared to the same 2004 period.

The Amazing 8: Eight Banks on the Fast Track

August 1, 2005

In last month’s Top 1000 ranking of world banks, a number of banks did amazingly well.
They flew up the charts by hundreds of places and chalked up best profits on assets and capital. The Banker editors decided to find out why these banks did so well. In the following article, we look at the Top 50 contenders for next year’s Top 1000. Reports by Stephen Timewell, James Eedes, Jan Wagner, Will McSheehy, Monica Campbell and Simon Montlake.

Buyers poised to move in on Latin banks

July 4, 2005

Monica Campbell takes a close look at which banks are likely to snap up Brazilian, Mexican and Central American banks for sale.

Riding a wave of optimism

July 4, 2005

Banks in Trinidad and Tobago are enjoying economic stability to make them the envy of many of their regional counterparts. And in the midst of all this optimism, there is still room for growth in credit cards, mortgages and wealth management. Monica Campbell reports from Port of Spain.

A booming economy with enough energy to expand

July 4, 2005

Finance minister Conrad Enill is steering one of the fastest growing economies in the western hemisphere. Monica Campbell quizzes him on policy and strategy.

Trinidad takes the long view

July 4, 2005

A healthy energy sector is fuelling economic growth in Trinidad and Tobago, but not everyone is feeling the benefits. Monica Campbell writes from Port of Spain on the challenges facing the government.

Bankers on tenterhooks over trade agreement

June 6, 2005

Banks will benefit from CAFTA if it goes through, as it will increase trade among the member countries but there is considerable political opposition, both in the US and some Central American states.Monica Campbell reports from Honduras.
San Pedro Sula, an industrial hub in Honduras, looks like an average Central American mid-sized city. Diesel-belching buses – mostly filled with workers, many of whom are young and female – dodge potholes while heading to nearby garment factories.

Mexico’s credit card market speeds up

April 4, 2005

Credit cards are becoming more popular in Mexico but banks have barely scratched the surface of the potential customer base. Monica Campbell reports from Mexico City on how lenders are grabbing a share of this huge market.
While Mexicans do not yet face the blizzard of credit card deals seen in wealthier nations, the credit card culture there is catching on fast and commercial banks are jockeying to get their share of the action.

Latin money heads home

March 7, 2005

Although the offshore market is important to Latin Americans, some are now being tempted to bring their wealth onshore. Monica Campbell reports.
Thanks to a strong, more stable local banking sector, the trend among affluent Latin Americans to have their assets managed offshore is slowly reversing. Sensing an opportunity, many foreign powerhouses, such as US banks Citigroup and JP Morgan, Swiss bank UBS and the UK’s HSBC, are setting up private banking shops in the region, hoping to convince the wealthy to do their financial shopping locally, instead of heading to Miami.

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