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Texas arrangers

November 4, 2004

Welcome to Texas, where global banking heavyweights are racing to cater to the banking needs of the fast-growing Hispanic population. Monica Campbell reports.
In Texas, as in other Hispanic US states, such as California, Florida and New York, both foreign and US banks are rushing to cater to a Hispanic market that they merely dabbled in not so long ago.
It is easy to see why Hispanics are finally getting attention. The Hispanic population is the fastest-growing minority group in the US, and it is predicted to grow from 14% of the country’s population – 40 million people – to 24% by 2050, according to the US government.

Latin America pins debt hopes on US liquidity

October 4, 2004

The effects of an increase in US interest rates on the Latin American economy may be neutralised if the US can also deliver strong economic growth, writes Monica Campbell.

Chase is on for the whole enchilada

June 2, 2004

Mexico’s prospects look bright but, as Monica Campbell reports, politicians are resentful that the dominant – and prosperous – foreign banks are not doing enough to help the local population.

IADB interviews

May 3, 2004

Monica Campbell interviews top officials from Bolivia, Mexico and Nicaragua at the Inter-American Development Bank meeting, discussing the major issues currently affecting their countries.

IDB is a rudderless ship in a sea of controversy

March 3, 2004

Monica Campbell examines the Inter-American Development Bank’s record and finds it has little to show for its 45 years of existence but it is taking small steps to strengthen standards.

Reconstructing confidence

March 3, 2004

Monica Campbell on the steps Nicaragua is taking to lose its status as one of the region’s most corrupt countries.

Latin American banks court low income segments

March 3, 2004

Some of the big Latin American banks are concentrating on new retail products to attract the unbanked segment of the population and thus grow market share. Monica Campbell reports.
Now that many big foreign banks play a major role in Latin America’s financial system, the race is on to capture a bigger chunk of the market, including its evolving commercial marketplace. Although most banks still thirst for wealthy clients, they are also slowly recognising the potential of Latin America’s enormous unbanked population.

Safe spot for investment

November 3, 2003

Monica Campbell reports from Mexico City on why investment bankers’ optimism has not been dented by the slumping economy and political frustration.

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