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Viktor Yushchenko

March 10, 2009

The president of Ukraine characterises his country’s economic outlook in the face of the current crisis as ‘difficult but not tragic’.

Ukraine’s cry for help

March 10, 2009

Ukraine’s banking system, loaded with external debt, has been one of the most exposed to the global credit crunch. IMF intervention is plugging the leaks for the time being but the country’s economic prospects remain bleak. Writer Nick Kochan.

The Banking Crisis: Thinking the unthinkable

October 6, 2008

Bad times call for grand schemes, and bankers, advisers and economists are scraping around for fixes and explanations including forced mergers and the axing of the Basel capital regime. Writer Nick Kochan.

RBC-Dexia sees the silver lining

September 1, 2008

While most market participants are suffering from the global turmoil, RBC-Dexia Investment Services is enjoying the benefits of a risk-averse strategy. Writer Nick Kochan.

Peripheral but a pool of potential

June 2, 2008

Banks have made little impact on the Hungarian economy. Is that what is keeping US players interested in the market? Nick Kochan reports.

UCITS break out of Europe to conquer the world

June 2, 2008

Nick Kochan reports on the phenomenal growth of UCITS, a product of EU legislation that is going down a storm in Asia and Africa, and has US authorities looking on in envy.

Chasing the main prize

April 7, 2008

Renaissance Capital has investments all over Africa but, as deputy chief executive Andrew Cornthwaite tells Nick Kochan, its focus is firmly on Nigeria.

London calling

April 7, 2008

One strategy that Nigerian banks are following to boost return on capital is setting up shop in London. Nick Kochan explores the challenges they face.

Less risk, more reward

April 7, 2008

Foreign investors’ confidence in Nigeria is improving as governmental efforts to tackle corruption and bribery start to yield positive results. By Nick Kochan.

Life in the eurozone

March 4, 2008

Malta is throwing itself fully into the eurozone, which it joined in January, with plans to issue a Eurobond. Nick Kochan reports on how EU membership and the single currency have shaped the economy.

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