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Still on the road to better results

April 2, 2007

Bank consolidation continues and capital adequacy has improved but what is needed in the sector is a new culture that will attract new customers to boost the bottom line. Nick Kochan reports.

In the bidding labyrinth

March 5, 2007

Are the Bank of Cyprus’s days numbered? Nick Kochan reports on the rival predators’ struggle for the bank, and the opposing forces of regulators and nationalists.

Cutting the global hedge fund industry down to size

January 8, 2007

From New York to London, regulators fearing systemic collapse are pruning away at ‘traditional’ hedge fund management practices. But the industry is not prepared to go down without a fight. Nick Kochan reports on an intensifying skirmish.

Cyprus benefits from safe-haven reputation

October 2, 2006

Location has always proved crucial to Cyprus’s prosperity, and the recent crisis in Lebanon highlighted its role as a safe place to do business for banks, corporates and private investors. Nick Kochan reports.

Hydrocarbon sector to gush

September 4, 2006

Azerbaijan’s oil windfall is calculated to total $1000 dollars per capita per year for the next 20 years. Nick Kochan explains how production is being apportioned.

Fat of the land

September 4, 2006

Azerbaijan is having to balance the demands of the poor with those of cautious economists when it comes to managing its soaring oil wealth. Nick Kochan explains.

Egypt embarks on banking sell-off

September 4, 2006

Egypt is lining up its state-owned banks at the privatisation starting block. Nick Kochan reports on the prospects.

Business as usual in Beirut

September 4, 2006

Nick Kochan explains how contingency planning allowed The Bank of New York Beirut office to remain operational as Israeli bombs fell on Lebanon’s capital.

After the oil is gone

September 4, 2006

Samir Sharifov, Minister of Finance, tells Nick Kochan why Azerbaijan is tapping the Euromarkets as well as making great efforts to build up its non-oil sector.

Western model with an Islamic heart

August 7, 2006

Patience and hard work is beginning to pay off for the founder and CEO of Unicorn Investment Bank, Majid Al Sayed Bader Al-Refai. Nick Kochan reports.

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