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Mauritius looks to African markets as Europe falters

Mauritius looks to African markets as Europe falters

December 3, 2012

Mauritius, one of Africa’s most open economies, is suffering from Europe’s woes. But rather than attempting to isolate the country, its finance minister is trying to diversify its export markets and develop new industries. 

Are South African banks still a safe bet

Are South African banks still a safe bet?

November 1, 2012

South Africa’s banks are among the world’s best regulated, and though a sluggish economy is straining revenue growth, expansion in to the rest of Africa and a rapid increase in unsecured lending are providing some respite.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

South Africa’s capital markets shows signs of strain

November 1, 2012

South Africa’s capital markets have been resilient amid a surge of negative news emanating from the country following the killing of 34 miners in August. But many bankers say the situation could deteriorate quickly if economic growth does not pick up or if labour unrest is not calmed. 

US muni market muddles on

US municipal bond market resists the crunch

November 1, 2012

Two years ago fears abounded that the US municipal bond market was on the brink of a surge of defaults. While those fears proved to be misplaced, local and state governments are still struggling amid a weak economy.

South Africa stutters on

South Africa’s stuttering recovery

October 1, 2012

In the past three years, South Africa’s economy has struggled. Its growth is slower than that of many other African countries, and the shooting of 34 miners in August exposed a simmering tension that exists within its boundaries. Yet while there is no quick fix, investors remain attracted by the strength of the country's institutions. 

Pravin Gordhan

South Africa finance minister looks to move country forwards

October 1, 2012

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has come under increasing pressure in the wake of police shooting 34 striking miners in August. But finance minister Pravin Gordhan says his party’s record in government is impressive and that it has done much to develop the country since 1994.

US energy glut TEASER

On the road to self-sufficiency? The US's energy glut

September 3, 2012

Thanks to shale drilling, the US is brimming with cheap gas and has turned itself into one of the world’s fastest-growing oil producers. Most analysts now expect it to be all but energy independent within 15 years, shattering mainstream assumptions from as recently as five years ago. The implications for global energy markets and geopolitics are profound. 

Masterminding renaissance

Masterminding Côte d'Ivoire’s renaissance

September 3, 2012

Much has improved in Côte d'Ivoire since president Alassane Ouattara came to power last year, ending months of post-election turmoil. Although some parts of the country remain volatile, most of it is peaceful. And the economy is expanding quickly. The president even thinks its will soon attain double-digit growth. 

Mozambique oils the wheels of economic growth

September 3, 2012

While the recent discovery of natural gas will certainly boost Mozambique's economy, the country's president, Armando Guebuza, recognises that it will not be enough to pull the country out of poverty and end its reliance on aid. To achieve this, it will be necessary to promote growth in other areas, such as agriculture and tourism, in order to create a more diverse and sustainable economy.

Gas find helps Tanzania step out of the shadows

Gas find helps Tanzania step out of the shadows

August 1, 2012

Tanzania's recent discovery of huge natural gas fields has put it firmly in the sight of foreign investors. But Benno Ndulu, its central bank governor, warns that the east African country should not become reliant on hydrocarbons. Instead, it should use them to diversify its economy.

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