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Counting the cost of hedging after market shakeout

February 2, 2009

More liquid than most derivative markets, foreign exchange products still suffered in the turbulence of late 2008. But hedging exchange rate risk has never looked more important, creating growth opportunities for banks that can stay in the game. Writer Philip Alexander.

Top 500 banking brands 2009

February 2, 2009

Many of the world’s top financial brands took a beating in 2008, but not every bank suffered. The Banker’s Top 500 Banking Brands listing puts a financial value on the leading brands and ranks them accordingly. Philip Alexander reports.

Securitisation: Laying new foundations after housing collapse

January 5, 2009

The US mortgage market was the epicentre of the earthquake that has shaken the global financial sector so badly, but finding ways to restore capital market funding for residential and commercial mortgages is crucial to reviving economic growth. Writer Philip Alexander.

Securitisation strategy rethink

December 1, 2008

Continued losses for monoline insurers on structured products mean the model may be broken for the foreseeable future. New deals can still be done, but lower leverage will be vital. Writer Philip Alexander.

Slovak banks reach for the euro

November 3, 2008

Slovakia’s qualification for eurozone entry is a rare success story in a tough year for the country. The qualification brings new opportunities for the banks, and also some logistical challenges. Writer Philip Alexander.

Risk Management bites back

October 6, 2008

Bank failures are the most extreme example of risk management gone badly wrong. In many less high-profile areas, a comprehensive rethinking of risk is taking place in the wake of the credit crunch. By Philip Alexander.

Not out of the woods

October 6, 2008

The world faces the worst financial crisis for decades, yet only one emerging market sovereign has so far entered default. But untested new issuers, political risk and the persistent lack of agreed restructuring mechanisms mean sovereign debt is still far from a risk-free investment. Writer Philip Alexander.

Alexei Kudrin

October 6, 2008

Russian federal government finances have never looked healthier, but rising inflation, growing regional divides and the fallout from the conflict in Georgia mean finance minister Alexei Kudrin still has his work cut out.

Building momentum

October 6, 2008

New state funds and laws are allowing Russia’s ailing infrastructure to catch up with its fast-growing economy. The Banker hears from some of the key players in a $1000bn market. Writer Philip Alexander.

Pressing a home territory advantage

September 1, 2008

Leading European and US consumer finance players have expanded aggressively in central and eastern Europe, but they face a strong local competitor in the shape of PPF Group. Writer Philip Alexander.

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