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Banks helping banks combat climate change

April 28, 2023

The CEO of Carbonplace, a transaction network for carbon credits, says he has ‘the best job out there’.

A sign at a BNP Paribas SA bank branch in the Opera district of Paris, France.

BNP Paribas lawsuit serves as a warning to wider industry

March 17, 2023

Legal commentators warn banks that greenwash or whose actions appear not to meet due diligence laws are almost certain to face similar legal action.

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Hopes that World Bank head will focus on climate change

March 8, 2023

Many have high hopes for presumptive World Bank head Ajay Banga. 

An image of a field with a cooling tower emitting steam and a wind turbine next to it.

Explainer: Net-zero has to start somewhere

March 6, 2023

Do banks need a climate transition plan?

A glowing sign of BNP Paribas atop a building at night.

BNP Paribas hit by climate lawsuit in France

March 2, 2023

Three non-profits are suing BNP Paribas for taking insufficient action to end fossil fuel financing, though the bank insists its strategy of reducing oil and gas exposure is ‘largely on track’.

A vast pile of stacked timber.

Report shows banks may be failing to recognise the risks of deforestation

February 23, 2023

Of 500 organisations surveyed who are “most exposed to deforestation risk in their supply chains and investments”, 40% have not set a single policy on deforestation.

An abstract image of wooden blocks stacked up on which are wooden trees.

To comply with ESG you first need to understand it

February 16, 2023

Environmental, social and governance criteria are three separate goals that do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, says a Commerzbank white paper. 

Coal power station

Despite claims, banks still involved in fossil fuel expansion

January 20, 2023

Banks are under fire for failing to live up to commitments under the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero and continue to invest heavily in fossil fuel projects.


Banks begin to address climate change

December 23, 2022

Although they are making the first steps, Europe’s largest banks are not yet doing enough to address climate change and nature loss. 

Tree stump

EU anti-deforestation law considers due diligence obligations for banks

December 12, 2022

While European banks have a little more time to get their deforestation affairs in order, the wind is blowing towards requirement rather than suggestion.

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