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Coal power station

Despite claims, banks still involved in fossil fuel expansion

January 20, 2023

Banks are under fire for failing to live up to commitments under the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero and continue to invest heavily in fossil fuel projects.


Banks begin to address climate change

December 23, 2022

Although they are making the first steps, Europe’s largest banks are not yet doing enough to address climate change and nature loss. 

Tree stump

EU anti-deforestation law considers due diligence obligations for banks

December 12, 2022

While European banks have a little more time to get their deforestation affairs in order, the wind is blowing towards requirement rather than suggestion.

Climate finance in trees

Climate finance revamp required for low-carbon transition

December 5, 2022

While progress is being made in the world’s mission to preserve the climate, a big boost in annual finance and improved standards are necessary to stay on track.

Malaysia coal plant

Malaysian bank pioneers coal exit in Asean

November 28, 2022

While others in the region have made noises about phasing out coal, one bank has put its money where its mouth is despite the difficulties. 

Deforestation in the Amazon

Brazilian banks pledge to restore Amazon rainforest with carbon credit company

November 21, 2022

The alliance insists the move is of great ecological benefit, but historically banks have not held the agribusinesses they finance to proper account. A legislative response rather than individual efforts seems necessary.

Bank of England

Bank of England given dire warning on climate risk

October 31, 2022

An open letter addressed to the UK’s central bank offers a warning on – and solution to – the “finance-climate doom loop” threatening economic stability.

Imaginary wind turbines

‘Debt distressed’ emerging markets will struggle with green transition, says ex-World Bank official

October 21, 2022

Poorer countries struggling with debt may not have access to electricity, let alone be in a position to decarbonise. Renewed efforts on climate finance are therefore crucial to the clean energy transition, says a leading academic.

EU flags

EU renews commitment to green energy as business calls for stabilising regulation

October 17, 2022

Summit delegates in Brussels heard the EU is resolved on clean energy, while speakers discussed how business needs clarity as it drives ahead with climate finance.

Lightbulb in a trolley

Why banks should stick with the PPA market

October 10, 2022

Power purchase agreements could become a victim of the EU’s struggle against astronomical energy prices, but there is a longer-term opportunity for banks to offer support in a broadening sector.

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