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Algeria’s private banks look to retail market as liquidity dries up

July 1, 2016

Private banks in Algeria have until now been highly profitable, as the energy-rich country was awash with liquidity. But a government that failed to hedge its hydrocarbon wealth against a price drop is now cutting public spending and tightening trade finance rules, driving private banks to rethink their business strategy. Richard Nield reports.


Kenya struggles to find banking consolidation consensus

March 1, 2016

Kenya plays host to some of Africa's more established pan-regional banks, but with 41 lenders active in the country many claim that it is overbanked. Attempts are being made to increase capital requirements and suspend any new licences with the intention of kick-starting a consolidation drive, but those who oppose such measures are making their presence felt.

Algeria struggles to adapt

Algeria struggles to adapt

October 1, 2014

With oil and gas output diminishing, Algeria is desperate to diversify its economy and avoid a continued slide towards unsustainable fiscal deficits. The country’s political stability hinges on whether or not it succeeds.

Algeria’s private banks feel the state’s squeeze

October 1, 2014

Algeria’s banking sector is one of the biggest in Africa, but it is also one of the most opaque and is dominated by state banks. Yet private lenders, all of which are foreign-owned, still find ways to operate profitably and many are wanting to expand.

South Sudan held hostage to oil fortune

South Sudan held hostage to oil fortune

October 1, 2012

The government of South Sudan has finally approved a budget for the 2012/13 fiscal year, which began in July, but of greater significance is the newly formed country's negotiations with Sudan over how to transport its vast oil reserves.

Kuwait's Mina al-Ahmadi refinery

Kuwait's energy sector faces political stalemate

March 17, 2011

Oil companies are looking to Kuwait's government for signs that the country's major energy projects are to get under way, but legislative deadlock is hampering their future.

South Sudan

Harsh reality hits South Sudan

February 18, 2011

Conflict, corruption and too many failed businesses left it with a sclerotic banking sector with little appetite for risk, but South Sudan hopes its status as a newly created nation state will encourage investors to rethink their approach to an economy that hopes to underpin its regeneration with its rich reserves of oil. 

Staying afloat

Stable but stagnant

November 24, 2010

Jordan's economy was shielded from the worst of the global financial crisis. However, despite this stability, its deposit-rich banks are struggling to ignite the country's lending markets.

Algerian finance minister Karim Djoudi meets French economy minister Christine Lagarde

Algeria puts up more barriers to foreign banks

November 24, 2010

Algeria's mid-year budget has further restricted the activities of foreign banks and businesses in the country, while shoring up regulations for domestic banks. Writer Richard Nield

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