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Andorran banks forced to look further afield

February 1, 2012

Traditionally reliant on neighbour Spain for their customer base, Andorra’s banks have been forced to reassess their strategies in light of the country’s – and the rest of Europe’s – economic malaise. Instead, they are targeting the Latin American market, as well as disillusioned clients of Swiss banks, attracted to a national banking sector renowned for its discretion and stability.

Andorra opens up

July 28, 2010

Under pressure from the international community, Andorra is trying to increase the transparency of its banking sector, while deficit-driven tax reforms could erode its tax haven status. Writer Rodrigo Amaral


Post-crisis reality bites for Spain's Cajas

July 6, 2010

Once considered one of the better-placed survivors of the financial crisis, the property bubble bursting in Spain has hit the country's savings banks hard, resulting in calls for consolidation in the sector. Writer Rodrigo Amaral

Maria Elsa Viteri

March 31, 2010

Ecuador's private banks are up in arms about the effects of government intervention on their profits. The country's finance minister, however, rejects such accusations, saying that the relationship between bank and customer was in need of a rebalancing. Writer Rodrigo Amaral in Madrid

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Spain's bright new hope

July 7, 2009

The state-owned Instituto de Crédito Oficial has risen to prominence as Spain's most promising credit provider. However, the country's government must ensure careful lending practices are followed so as not to overstretch the resource. Writer Rodrigo Amaral

The Matador's special weapon

July 7, 2009

Close adherence to international regulatory standards has protected Madrid's financial system from embroilment in the subprime market that has so badly harmed rival centres New York, London and Paris. Yet Spain's flailing economy must be tended to if Madrid is to rise as a dynamic alternative. Writer Rodrigo Amaral

Azteca exports winning formula

July 1, 2008

Banco Azteca has achieved stellar growth with its microfinance formula in Mexico and is now exporting it across Latin America. Rodrigo Amaral reports.

Can cajas ride out the storm?

July 1, 2008

Spain’s savings banks are feeling the pinch of a slowing economy combined with the liability of their huge mortgage portfolios. Rodrigo Amaral reports.

Basic services but a booming industry

January 2, 2008

Angola’s retail banking network, while at an early stage of development, is growing fast along with an oil-driven economy. Rodrigo Amaral reports.

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