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Is Brazil heading for a credit bubble?

March 24, 2011

The spike in loans to individuals over the past year has led some analysts to suggest there is a credit bubble in Brazil. Click here to find out more.

Chinese investment into Latin America

China changes tactics for Latin American resources

March 22, 2011

China's quest to meet its natural resources needs has been largely concentrated on Africa, but its presence in Latin America has been creeping up over the past decade. Latam governments, however, are proving to be less co-operative than their African counterparts. 

Andrea Travesone

Is European venture debt gone for good?

March 14, 2011

As the financial crisis all but decimated venture debt in Europe, the possibility of its return is a thorny issue. While some countries are seeking alternative methods to fund start-up companies, others are preparing for business as usual.

The banking district of Panama City

Central American banks cause a stir

February 23, 2011

Though the Central American banking sector shows some mixed results, The Banker's ranking demonstrates just why the region's leading banks are drawing global attention.


Colombia leaves its past behind

February 22, 2011

Once renowned as one of the most dangerous countries on the planet, Colombia has tackled much of its drug-related problems and boasts one of the best-performing economies in Latin America, which is attracting international investment and in turn creating myriad opportunities for the country's banks.

Juan Carlos Echeverry, Colombia's finance minister

Colombia primed for growth

February 16, 2011

Colombia's finance minister, Juan Carlos Echeverry, has every reason to be enthusiastic about his country's future but he is careful not to be complacent, knowing only too well that an economic boom can lead to bust.

Felipe Larraín, finance minister, Chile

Chile's finance minister, Felipe Larraín on the country's plans to double growth

January 28, 2011

The Chilean government has ambitious plans to double growth and – ultimately – eradicate poverty, all while contending with currency appreciation.

Prop desk drawing

Rearranging the prop desk

December 23, 2010

Banks are reticent to discuss the consequences of the US's new Volcker Rule, restricting proprietary trading. While some analysts predict dire results for market liquidity, others suggest that bank leaders privately welcome the opportunity to pull out of risky prop-trading activities. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Trouble in paradise

Under fire but fighting back

December 8, 2010

Investment into Caribbean offshore financial centres has fallen in recent years but is now picking up. However, these centres are also under international pressure over their tax and transparency arrangements, a criticism many of them view as unfair. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Latin strategy

Banks fight for position in Latin America

November 24, 2010

The banking landscape in Latin America has changed considerably in recent years as local banks have strengthened while some foreign groups have been in retreat. Silvia Pavoni reports.

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