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Models change shape

March 5, 2007

The offshore and onshore wealth management business models are having to be reshaped as Europe regulates more heavily and wealth creation increases in emerging markets. Silvia Pavoni reports.

What the bankers say

January 8, 2007

Will opportunities in the emerging economies help soften the blow of an economic slowdown in the US? Or are environmental issues the primary concern of global banks? Silvia Pavoni questions nine top bankers about what 2007 holds for them.

Competitive edge gets sharper

October 2, 2006

Individual wealth is a fast-growing market, with room for wealth managers big and small. Silvia Pavoni reports on developments that mean business opportunities are increasing, new products are more numerous and competition is becoming ever tighter.

Search for scale drives M&A

October 2, 2006

Competition is pressuring private banks to seek economies of scale. Silvia Pavoni looks at the latest research on consolidation and expansion opportunities around the world, and at what bigger banks can offer their wealthy clients.

Riskier loans strategy raises fears for financial stability

August 7, 2006

With no way of predicting if and when a credit crunch will arrive, can banks’ lending departments afford to continue squeezing profit margins and slackening structures to secure business? Silvia Pavoni reports on the implications for financial stability.

Renewable windfalls

June 5, 2006

Alternative energy investment is increasingly popular with banks that are seeking to diversify their project finance portfolios. Silvia Pavoni reports.

What the bankers say

January 2, 2006

What are the recent trends and economic prospects that are shaping investment and the financial sector? Silvia Pavoni quizzes top bankers from around the world.

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