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Malaysia shows the way forward

November 24, 2010

HSBC Amanah's chief executive officer talks to Stephen Timewell about the developments of Islamic finance in Asia and how Malaysia is shaping up to be a key market for HSBC Amanah, and Islamic finance in general.

Strong growth set to continue

November 24, 2010

The deputy CEO of HSBC Amanah, Razi Fakih talks to Stephen Timewell about how the bank is balancing its focus between key traditional Islamic finance countries and products, and expanding into less well established areas.

Has Nigeria's time finally come?

September 29, 2010

Nigeria has come through a major financial crisis and, according to its leaders, is finally on its way to fulfilling its undoubted potential. Stephen Timewell reports.

A fresh start

September 29, 2010

Following a banking crisis in 2008, Nigeria has embarked on ambitious reform in the sector. This has included a rigorous audit that resulted in replacement of management at several banks, the ending of 'universal banking', measures to boost lending to industry and small businesses, and a new corporation to take over banks' bad loans. Stephen Timewell assesses how likely this transformation is to succeed.

Mixed fortunes

September 29, 2010

First Bank of Nigeria (which tops The Banker's ranking of the country's banks) has its headquarters alongside those of Union Bank in Lagos

The banking landscape in Nigeria has changed dramatically over the past two years; a swift collapse followed the end of a banking boom, then a central bank audit revealed instances of malpractice and poor management, prompting major intervention. Now some banks are leading the way in rebuilding their fortunes and finances. Stephen Timewell reports

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The beginning of a special relationship?

September 29, 2010

Into Africa: Jiang Jainqing, chairman of ICBC, visited Nigeria last year as his bank looks to strengthen its African presence

While Nigeria is increasingly appearing on investors' radars the world over, it is China that has been the most active in the country. However, it isn't just Nigeria's abundance of oil and gas that is exciting Chinese investors. Stephen Timewell reports.

Freedom pass

August 30, 2010

Recent laws passed in Libya are aimed at removing the obstacles of previous legislations, allowing local businesses to compete and operate internationally, and bringing the economy into the modern age. Stephen Timewell reports.

cp/96/Libya Stock Exchange1.jpg

Open for business

August 30, 2010

The reform of Libya's stock market to make it more accessible to both foreign and domestic investors is widely expected to usher in a new era for a country whose economy was previously dogged by sanctions. Stephen Timewell reports.

cp/96/GET-Libya bank for Bank story.jpg

Steady road to reform

August 30, 2010

Libyan banks withstood the worst of the global financial crisis and the country's banking sector is forging ahead with its planned expansion, reports Stephen Timewell.


Farhat Bengdara

August 30, 2010

The governor of the Central Bank of Libya tells Stephen Timewell how a major overhaul of the national bank is playing a critical role in driving government plans to improve the efficiency of Libya's economy and promote the private sector.

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