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Battling to maintain investment: Volatile Times

May 5, 2009

Estonia has previously eclipsed the other two Baltic states as a destination for inward investment, but all three are now aiming to move up the value chain by enhancing local skills to bring in top technology and service companies, reports Tom Blass.

Policy consensus is vital for steady development

August 7, 2006

Last month’s elections bring hopes for the creation of a consensual government that will further Macedonia’s economic development and lead the country to EU accession. Meanwhile, banks report good health. Tom Blass reports.

Hurdles still to jump on the track into Europe

July 3, 2006

Bulgaria’s foreign-owned banks are attempting to speed up the transition to EU accession, bringing a huge growth in retail banking. But there are still problems to resolve, Tom Blass reports.

Appetite for debt grows

April 3, 2006

Appetite for Dominican Republic paper is growing on the back of the debt restructuring that pulled it out of financial crisis and the successful corporate debt issue from power company AES Dominicana. Tom Blass reports.

Confidence booster

April 3, 2006

Héctor Valdez Albizu’s tough reputation in his role as Central Bank governor instils confidence in the market. He tells Tom Blass what plans are afoot to move the economy forward and strengthen the banks.

Dominicans move on

April 3, 2006

Putting its worst banking crisis behind it, the Dominican Republic is concentrating on strengthening its currency, reaching new agreements with the IMF and successful debt exchange. Tom Blass reports.

Low-tax not no-tax

January 2, 2006

Barbadian bankers are of one mind that a light touch regime combined with transparency is better than a ‘no-tax and secrecy’ culture. Tom Blass explains.

Winds of change

January 2, 2006

Barbados is a bellwether for a new phenomenon – the growth of Caribbean pan-regional banks through the acquisition of local players. Tom Blass explains.

Crunch time

January 2, 2006

A referendum on severing links with the UK, entry into a regional single market and the hosting of the Cricket World Cup – all by 2007. Tom Blass reports.

The future looks bright

December 5, 2005

Romania is speeding towards EU accession, as witnessed by the growing sophistication of its banking sector, and a stream of sell-offs. Tom Blass reports.

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