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Science fact

April 7, 2008

Identification methods that were once science fiction are now being used by banks, and some of the most innovative schemes are not in the obvious technology hot-spots. Wendy Atkins reports.

Europe set for a prepaid gold rush

March 4, 2008

The rapid take off of prepaid cards in the US last year looks set to be replicated in Europe in 2008. Stephen Timewell and Wendy Atkins report on the payment industry’s ‘next big thing’.

Battle for contactless supremacy

February 4, 2008

Europe is following Japan’s lead in the roll-out of contactless payment technology, with France and the UK leading the way in the innovation stakes. Wendy Atkins reports.

Small wonders

November 5, 2007

Wendy Atkins reports on groundbreaking developments taking place in the world of consumer payments, including contactless mini cards.

Hot or not in 2015?

September 3, 2007

EMV technology is just the beginning for smart card-based payments as the science fiction of today could become reality by 2015. Wendy Atkins reports on the technology in the pipeline.

Payments industry gears up for games

August 1, 2007

Wendy Atkins reports on how payment card providers are preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by ensuring that visitors can pay easily for all their needs.

The payment card is king

July 2, 2007

The latest global trend for businesses to issue commercial payments cards is great news for issuers. Wendy Atkins reports.

Competition and confusion

May 7, 2007

Interchange fees are a thorny issue at the best of times, and banks insisting on their necessity if innovation is to happen receive short shrift from consumers. Is there a happy medium? Wendy Atkins reports.

Message received

April 2, 2007

Nigerian banks are beginning to realise that they can build their customer bases and raise efficiency by participating in mobile banking, says Wendy Atkins.

Big hitters reach out to the unbanked

April 2, 2007

Unbanked and underbanked populations of the world are in the sights of companies developing mobile-based banking services. Wendy Atkins reports on the latest services to be launched.

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