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POST MODERNISM: The drive into banking

January 2, 2006

Wendy Atkins reports on the worldwide shift by national post offices away from their traditional restricted roles to become providers of commercially driven products.

Biometrics make inroads

November 7, 2005

Although not yet in general use, biometrics are slowly being tested and adopted in the banking sphere as a way of increasing security, Wendy Atkins reports.

Card costs spark action

October 3, 2005

Credit card companies and issuing banks are under fire for overcharging on interchange fees, and are now under increasing pressure to justify their costs.Wendy Atkins reports.

Think customer first – and last

October 3, 2005

Cutting costs while improving customer service may sound contradictory, yet that’s what a number of organisations are claiming can be achieved if banks adopt their systems.Wendy Atkins reports.

Invoicing enters the digital age

August 1, 2005

Wendy Atkins looks at how the Nordic region is leading the charge in using and promoting innovative, cost-saving electronic invoicing systems.

Slashing the cost of procurement

July 4, 2005

Wendy Atkins looks at how credit cards can help both governments and corporations to save money and time, while keeping tabs on overall spending in a transparent, auditable way.

A singular approach

May 2, 2005

Could a single European payments area boost Europe’s economy? Wendy Atkins finds out.

The message gets through

April 4, 2005

After a slow start, banks are more optimistic about mobile phone financial services finally taking off, with contactless payment methods such as text messaging now on offer. Wendy Atkins reports from the 3GSM show in Cannes on some recent developments.

Will mobile get moving?

November 4, 2004

Although mobile banking services might appear to hold significant promise as an e-payment method, their development has so far failed to live up to expectations. Wendy Atkins reports.

Worst-case scenarios

July 2, 2004

Plans to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster are becoming an essential requirement for banks and some are considering extending their plans to cover self-service systems, like ATMs. Wendy Atkins reports.

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