New directions in forex

New directions in forex

Evolving backdrop raises questions over capital controls

March 21, 2011

Massive capital flows into Asia led many Asian countries to introduce capital controls and other mechanisms in a bid to stem flows and limit rising currency valuations. However, rising inflation and talk of interest rate rises have raised fears about slowing growth, leading to money flowing the other way. 

Foreign exchange report

Asia fails to balance currency and inflationary pressures

March 15, 2011

Asian policy-makers have been trying to balance currency management with controlling inflation. Rising inflation and rising currencies suggest policy makers have failed to get the balance right.

Jim Chrystal

Bank-to-bank volumes no longer biggest FX driver

March 10, 2011

Last year, customer volumes overtook interbank volumes in the foreign exchange market for the first time. Electronic and high-frequency trading help to account for the change, as does the rise of retail participants – but regulatory change is also helping to cement this trend.

Renminbi takes the slow road to domination

March 10, 2011

The battle over the valuation of the Chinese renminbi has often been characterised by vitriolic debate and has seen a titanic clash between Washington and Beijing about the right level for the currency and the speed of appreciation. But efforts to internationalise the renminbi are already taking effect.

Andrew Coyne, global head of prime brokerage, Citi

Decision time on FX CCPs

March 8, 2011

Two central counterparties are currently being built to clear foreign exchange options. There is a great deal of preparation to be done.

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