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Brian Caplen

Will stress tests lead to safer banks but limited lending?

The recent stress tests conducted by the Bank of England provided largely positive news for the UK's largest lenders, but how valuable are there results by the time they've reached the CEOs' in-trays?


Top 200 Latin American banks ranking 2015: Argentina and Brazil press on in hard times

The Banker’s Top 200 Latin American banks ranking for 2014 sees Brazilian institutions stay on top, while Argentina maintains its status as most profitable, despite mounting challenges. 

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Investment banking: an uncertain future?

Seven years on from the start of the financial crisis, many investment banks are still lost in the fog, casting around for a viable business model. With regulatory pressures continuing to mount, and operating costs getting ever higher, can the industry find a workable way through the gloom?

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Cross-border conundrums still hampering OTC derivative markets
From World / Americas / US

Cross-border conundrums still hampering OTC derivative markets

Regulators in Europe and the US are still dealing with a backlog of cross-border problems in the over-the-counter derivatives market. Are these issues resolvable, and what is at stake if they are not? By Michael Watt.

The commercial cards new openings

The commercial card's new openings

Commercial cards have become so much more than a piece of plastic and 16-digit number that completes a transaction. Not only are they an important payment tool in a treasurer’s kit, but also the cornerstone of a working capital management programme.

Sberbank cements its digital future in Russia

Sberbank cements its digital future in Russia

A bold new digital strategy is transforming Russian lender Sberbank, creating new efficiencies, boosting revenues and customer numbers, and protecting the Russian institution's majority market share.

Koreas regional banks power ahead

Korea’s regional banks power ahead

How are South Korea’s regional banks dealing with the low-interest-rate, low-growth environment? Stefania Palma looks at two banks that are using their strong links to the country’s real economy to outperform some of their bigger peers.

South Korea's new banking battlegrounds

South Korea will witness the creation of its first internet bank by the end of 2015. How is this going to disrupt the banking sector, and how are conventional banks dealing with slow growth and quantitative easing? Stefania Palma reports.

Wang Hongzhang

CCB chairman lauds the bank's big leap abroad

China Construction Bank chairman Wang Hongzhang discusses China's economic slowdown, the lender's international expansion, the possibility of a Brexit and China's new tech banks. 

Slow growth forces UAE banks into new markets

Slow growth forces UAE banks into new markets

A slower growing economy and tighter liquidity environment are presenting the United Arab Emirates' lenders with a new set of challenges. Will expanding their international presence provide a solution?


Portugal’s banks turn a corner

teaser 2

Lower provisions and a resurgent economy are helping Portuguese banks to become profitable again

Monthly preview - Cross-Border Regulation and the Bank of the Year Awards

Brian Caplen and Michael Watt discuss the problems of cross-border co-operation in derivatives market regulation, and the Bank of the Year awards in December's edition of the magazine.  

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Reg Rage

TLAC struggles for global coherence

Different jurisdictions are likely to implement different standards and legal frameworks for total loss-absorbing capital, making investor analysis challenging.


Global Risk Regulator

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