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Brian Caplen

AQR only the start for a eurozone banking union

The results of the European asset quality review are due, but regardless of what they unearth there is still much work to be done before a banking union is a realistic possibility.

Rodger Voorhies

Financial access is just the first step toward inclusion

If universal financial inclusion is to really make a difference then it is vitally important that existing financial services are not simply made available but that new products and services are designed with the world's low-income population in mind.

Haruhiko Kuroda

The job of reforming Japan's labour market

Japan's unemployment rate may be shrinking but behind this headline figure lurks problems such as low labour mobility and excessive reliance on part-time employment. These are deep-rooted issues that new government initiatives are trying to flush out.

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JPMorgan Team of the Month October
From Profiles / Deals

JP Morgan's express recipe for takeaway pizza

JP Morgan provided Chinese private equity fund Hony with advice on its first foray into the UK market and a financing package that did not rely on Chinese banks, to become preferred bidder for the Pizza Express restaurant chain.

Andreas Dombret (1)

The fundamental rules for new regulation

For new regulation to be effective, it must be adaptable to new innovations, strike the balance between simplicity and complexity, and be coherent across sectors and regions, according to Andreas Dombret of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Martin Redrado
From World

Martin Redrado: Argentina must look beyond 2015

The debt crisis is not Argentina’s only problem. The authorities also need to put the county back on a sustainable growth path. 

Argentina on the ropes
From World

On the ropes: can Argentina recover?

A controversial US ruling against Argentina has shaken the world of sovereign debt restructuring and provided so-called vulture funds with a sharp new litigation strategy. As both multilateral organisations and private sector professionals attempt to stop a lawsuit pandemic, The Banker takes an in-depth look at the key issues. 

Axel Kicillof
From World

Axel Kicillof: Argentina wants to pay its bondholders

A ruling in the US judiciary system regarding Argentina’s debt restructuring has caused ructions in international markets. The country’s minister of economy and public finance presents Argentina’s position on this case.

Vietnam looks to state bank overhaul to stem NPL problem
From World

Vietnam looks to state bank overhaul to stem NPL problem

Mired in the fallout of global financial crisis, Vietnam’s banking sector is now entering a new phase, with the government prioritising the restructuring of state-owned banks as it strives to tackle high NPL levels and stabilise the economy. 

Carlo Messina
From World

Why Europe needs a Comprehensive Assessment

The European – and indeed global – economy is facing a crucial six months. Central to this is the European Central Bank's Comprehensive Assessment, which will go a long way to boosting confidence within the EU.

Nhlanhla Nene
From World

South Africa will benefit from Africa’s rise

South Africa’s growth has been sluggish of late but the country’s financial sector remains one of the world’s most sophisticated, while the government’s reforms are allowing businesses to tap into fast-growing markets in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa more easily.

Mehmet Şimşek
From World

Turkey's finance minister pushes on with reform agenda

Turkey’s finance minister talks about the challenges facing the country's newly formed government after its first presidential elections, and the challenges posed by Turkey’s high current account deficit and inflation.

Pakistan banks defy economic gloom
From World

Pakistan's banks defy economic gloom

With ongoing political turmoil, foreign banks may have all but packed up and left Pakistan, but the financial sector has barely noticed. Indeed, assets and deposits have doubled between the end of 2008 and June 2014, while Islamic banking has begun to make its impact felt. 

From World

Giving Pakistan's privatisation drive a push

Having had a long and successful career in the commercial sector, Mohammad Zubair, Pakistan's privatisation minister, understands the importance of the country's privatisation drive. But, not everybody shares his enthusiasm, with the heavily unionised companies putting up resistance to the privatisation plans, and foreign investors wary of the country's less-than-perfect track record in denationalisation deals.

A glimmer of hope for Pakistan
From World

A glimmer of hope for Pakistan's economy

Dogged by a history of political instability, Pakistan has struggled to secure trading partners or attract much in the way of foreign investment, at the expense of its economy. However, a new pro-business government and a revival in GDP growth suggest that the country's economic fortunes might finally be on the up.

Interview with Jerome Booth

Emerging markets specialist Jerome Booth tells The Banker's Silvia Pavoni that finance theory is not fit for purpose, shares his views on what QE was really all about, and warns about FX market distortions and a possible bond crisis.  


US banks retain lead in North American ROC ranking

North America – Top five banks by return on capital

There is just one entrant from outside the US in the top five North American banks by return on capital ranking.

Top 1000 World Banks


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Reg Rage

Europe stretches the rules to reach high-frequency trading

Market participants are disputing attempts by the European Securities and Markets Authority to extend crucial MiFID II rules to address a new political priority.


Global Risk Regulator

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