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Amid an FDIC clean-up, the US bank landscape has changed for good

May 5, 2010

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, under the tutelage of chairwoman Sheila Bair, has been spearheading a banking clean-up on a massive scale. And while the sector faces much uncertainty, one thing is sure: the US banking landscape is set to change for good. Writer Suzanne Miller

FX industry hits back after reform

March 31, 2010

US and European regulators want as many over-the-counter derivatives as possible to be traded on exchanges or cleared through a central counterparty but the foreign exchange market will not go quietly. Writer Frances Maguire

The long arm of US law reaches for overseas assets

March 31, 2010

Foreign policy, fiscal pressures, financial reforms and far-reaching litigation are all provoking a flow of cases that threaten to overburden international banks doing business in the US. But the banks are fighting back. Philip Alexander reports.

Getting to grips with EU financial supervision

March 31, 2010

The global financial system needs better supervision, but this should not come at the expense of local regulatory expertise and participation in decisions that affect individual countries.


Battling the odds

March 3, 2010

Bahrain has had to deal with its fair share of problems on the back of the global economic downturn, but a sound regulatory and supervisory structure and deft handling of the crisis by the central bank has ensured it will emerge as a stronger, more confident nation as a result. Writer Charlie Corbett

Eugene Ludwig

December 30, 2009

Eugene Ludwig, Founder and CEO of Promontory Financial Group

Capital should simply be one of the barons of good risk management - not the king.

Dr Walid Hejazi

December 30, 2009

Dr Walid Hejazi, Professor of International Competitiveness

Far from depriving other countries of tax revenue, offshore financial centres used by multinationals for foreign direct investment generate huge taxable sums for home economies via share dividends and capital gains.

Direct approach for CCPs

December 30, 2009

New legislation for over-the-counter derivatives from the European Commission next year will include a central counterparty directive. But what are the implications of the new law? Writer Frances Maguire


Insurance directive prompts rethink

December 30, 2009

Timetable: although RBS is selling its insurance businesses it must still meet the Solvency II directive

Banks that own insurers are preparing for the Solvency II insurance directive, which in its current form could require huge amounts of extra capital to be set aside. Meanwhile, investment banks are busy advising their insurance clients on how their risk management and capital structures will have to change as a result. Writer Michael Imeson

Kishore Mahbubani - Comment

December 23, 2009

Trust and confidence in the Anglo-Saxon model of regulation have evaporated so much as a result of the financial crisis that Asian policy-makers are now beginning to rethink key issues about regulation from first principles.

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